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Filipino Kisses let opportunies for many people to find love and hapiness, and they're proud to share it with you.

and 02 Oct 2020 Success story
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Cecil Philippines and Arto Finland 14 Aug 2019 Success story
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Hello everyone!

We would like to thank FilipinoKisses for bringing my husband & I together. It's amazing to meet one honest gentleman here among the many. My partner and I was more than 2 years in a relationship before we get married. It's a wonderful feeling to have someone whom you find yourself happy , despite the miles in between you. It was not my dream to marry a foreigner , but God gave him to me. We have known each other last 2017, and we just married last May this year.
To everyone here, I wish you good luck, may you find your better-half here. Just be honest , eventhough others are not.God is really good. Believe and trust HiM.Be patient in the Lord, because of He keeps you waiting, it means He is preparing for you the best one. My husband is such a good man, loving, caring,understanding and kind. We are looking forward to be together in his home country in God's perfect time, soon. For now, we will say goodbye& A Million THank You FilipinoKisses!

emerld and 23 Jun 2017 Success story
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im now happy found love with the right guy..thinks to him,,i found my happiness..waaiting for our wedding day and i trust him with all my heart

phoebe Philippines and Manuel United Kingdom 03 May 2017 Success story
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Hello everyone!

I have finally found the love of my life which is now my husband, me and my husband were used to exchange emails through this dating website, we started communicating since May 2016 and got engaged in the same year while he was still in UK and met each other in person for the first time here in Davao International airport last February 2017.
Then in the month of March this year we got married through a civil wedding in the office of Hall of Justice, now we are officially be called husband and wife. My husband Manuel stayed here in the Davao for two months, in the hometown of our Pres. Duterte of the Philippines wherein he enjoyed walking anywhere just to explore the areas in the city.
Within two months that we have been together was a great opportunity for us, because we actually conversed each other in person and not on camera wherein I have to wake up early morning or even dawn due to our time differences just for us to talk and giggles, well.. that is part of having a long distance relationship and I know every couple out there can relate to this.
Now, that he went back to his place in UK, we are about to process my family permit so I can get there and to be with him this year.
To let everyone know that I never give up of finding a lifetime partner on this dating website because I was optimist enough to believe that there is someone out there which is really for me.
To the support team of fililipinokisses I am sending you my gratitude and appreciation for each and everyone of you who keep this website a bridge to every couple out there to be closer to each other or shall I say, every couple whose out there from the other side of the world.
Thank you so much. I am so happy to have found my man which is my husband so loving and caring which treating me like a queen.

Truly Yours,


Nitz Philippines and Philip L Warner United States of America 03 Mar 2017 Success story
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I am so thankful to our HEAVENLY FATHER, that He used filipino kisses as an instrument for us to found someone to love with, no one is perfect on this world but Philip is perfect for me, he is the most wonderful gift for me from God, I can feel the true love of God through him, I considered my home now is a little heaven on this earth because full of happiness... we love each other more and more everyday, It is so nice to serve God with a very sweet and loving partner, we amaze everyday and we can not count the blessings. Nothing impossible with God.
Filipino Kisses, I considered you as a missionary to help people who wants to be happy, thank you so much, God bless you, and We love you.

Nitz & Phil

Italy and Federico Philippines 05 Jan 2017 Success story
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Jürgen Germany and Yhamy Philippines 21 Nov 2016 Success story
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Hello together,
we only want to say goodbey to FP. We find one another and we no together and will marry next year. We hope other members of FP have the same fortune than we. Thank you FP.

Ella Philippines and Taiwan 05 Jun 2016 Success story
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Since more than 2 years i am in good relationship with my boyfriendf here in taiwan.
Thank you so much Filipinokisses!

Myra Philippines and Eric Australia 29 Apr 2016 Success story
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Eric and I are together now. GOD gave me you.
Thanks Filipinokisses!

Grace Pagtalunan Philippines and Simon Royce Australia 24 Apr 2016 Success story
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Hey!! We got married August 10, 2013.

Thanks Filipino kisses! Thanks God for sending my one true love Simon.

Paul United Kingdom and Rhodora Philippines 02 Apr 2016 Success story
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Thanks FK. Rhoddy and I first met on FK 14 months ago. After about 3 weeks and countless messages from me to her, she finally agreed to meet me whilst on a holiday trip to UK. We nervously met and spent a very pleasant eveing in a kebab shop of all places. Oh sure it was love at first sight. We met 3 or 4 times a week and in july I popped the question.
We married in november and guess what? This morning, during a routine visit to her GP, we discovered that we are going to be parents in June. Thank you Filipinakisses. Although I am 25 years older than my wife, she is about to make me a dad for the very first time. It would never have happenned without your help. So, from both of us. A most heartfelt thank you.

Nitz Philippines and Philip United States of America 04 Feb 2016 Success story
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Nitz and I are so thankful for FilipinaKisses. We met online just after Valentines Day last year (2015). At the time, I was chatting with another Filipina I had met on another site but something was just missing.
Nitz just made such a great impression. I could tell she was a "Do-er" not a "Sit-er". After chatting for a couple of weeks, I broke it off with the other woman because I "knew" Nitz was right for me.
In May, I flew to the Philippines to meet her. As I walked out of the terminal in Manila, Here was this crazy woman waving her white hat. I knew in an instant it was my Nitz. We were together a week. As I left her again at the airport to fly back to the US, I was convinced I loved her and she loved me.
I spent the next months taking care of affairs so I could retire and move to the Philippines. She spent the time preparing so we could marry. We could hardly wait each day to Skype.
In October, I retired from my job and flew to Manila. We got married as soon as possible and we now live in Cavite. We are active in Church and we know that with FilipinaKisses help, God brought us together. Maraming Salamat po!

Fred Canada and Rose Philippines 01 Jan 2016 Success story
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Hello all you love starved people on Filipino Kisses, just wanted to send and update on Rose and mine travels through this hard road of finding love with so many thousands of kilometers between each other. So finally as of 21 December 2015 Rose and I Finally married. We had a very lovely ceremony in the Philippines and now all that is left to do is the paperwork. We spent 33 days together this time around for the wedding.

I wanted to thank FK for the introduction to my future wife Rose, after my first trip to the Philippines in October 2013 we knew we wanted to be together.

The earlier days for us below

We corresponded with each other on here and on FB and after 9 months of chatting and video chatting I knew it was time to take the risk in meeting the woman I fell in love with.

I am back now and I miss Rose so very much, my day is not the same without her here with me. We spent the first 3 days of my trip in Manila, then traveled to Cagayan De oro City and stayed there for the rest of the time. We also went to her home town Initao to meet with her family and friends.

I knew after the first 3 days that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Rose and she made me so happy and so impressed that I knew I could not give her up!!

I also brought my son with me during the trip and he also loved her!! :)

When I first started looking at this site and chatting and meeting woman on here I truly was not expecting to find a woman such as Rose, even though we are from two different cultures we are one of the same, it is like it was life's design that we were to meet and fall in love.

I have to thank Rose though she is the one that found me on here, we both took a big risk because we both had had chat mates on here before but they never worked out. But now we are with each other, although in separate countries.

Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and take a risk, I have heard so many stories of men using the filipinas on here and the filipinas using the men on here and yes it does happen, sometimes you have to go through 100 bad apples to find the right one so both men and women be careful on here!

Rose has shown me what it is to trully love a woman and to trully be loved by a woman, I have not experienced the feelings and the love as I have with Rose, we are now almost coming upon our 12 month anniversary on Nov 8, 2013 since we began this relationship and we have many many more years of being together.

I have never had to be so far apart from the woman I love but you Rose are a woman worth waiting for!!! I will update this more at a later date as I am in the works of trying to get Rose over here with me.

You are a special woman and thank you, thank you for loving me the way only a filipina can love a man, I consider myself a very lucky man to have been able to be loved by a woman such as Rose

Jackielyn Philippines and Walter Argentina 26 Dec 2015 Success story
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We would like to thanks for Filipino kisses, for helping us to meet the love of our life. I met a lovely guy named Walter here on Filipino a month ago. We have been sharing special times together ever since and we are looking forward to building a future together!! Now I am preparing my papers to get my tourist visa going to Argentina. I really thank the Lord for having each other!! Guys if you are looking for a real love, just be wait and God will give you a right man or a woman in His perfect time, Just trust and pray to our Lord! God will give the desires of our hearts. I love him so much!

God Bless!!!
Walter and Jackie

Nancy Philippines and Hyren United States of America 09 Nov 2015 Success story
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To Filipino Kisses and Staff,

I'm so grateful and thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ. Through this Dating Site I and my Fiancee (Hyren), found each other here. We met since 2013 (my old membership I.D. NAN3636), and finally met in the Philippines last month (October) and got engaged too!

I and Hyren are working for my fiancee visa to follow him in the USA and soon we will be getting married by the will and grace of our God Almighty.

To FilipinoKisses and Staff, thank you so much! God bless you all.

For those who are still looking/searching, ask the guidance of our Good God, that He will lead you to the right one who is genuinely looking for love and serious relationship.
--- Blessed is a man who perseveres under trials; for once he has been approved, he will received the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.--- James 1:2-4, 12.

Thank you,

Peter and Evangeline 21 Oct 2015 Success story
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Took us four five years to meld but we did. Not sure if it will work out but fingers crossed it will.
A bit unusual for us. Evie is the strong one and invites me into her life. Normally it is the other way around. Men are supposed to be strong. Women not so strong. Evie has welcomed me into her world with no shred of needing me. Just saying we are it. No money, no sex. Just bliss. Evie has her own world. Been there and never felt so happy.
There was an element of doubt, to begin with. There always is in an 8000 miles long distance thingy but amazingly it has worked for us.
I admire Evie for her strenghth and honesty. We are to live in her house, Evie is a real Filipina who thinks and cares and does the right thing
Mahal kita, Evie, na salamat

Joy Philippines and Joey United States of America 11 Sep 2015 Success story
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Thank You so much FilipinoKisses!


josephine Philippines and michael United Kingdom 07 Jun 2015 Success story
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Just updating our post 9th jan 2015

been a good year so far, we planned our wedding in january before i returned to the uk our wedding day was april 25th i came back to philippines on april 13th my josephine met me at the airport, we are now married and writing this together and i can say shes made me the happiest man alive i love my new wife josephine so much and i know with no doubt in my mind she feels the same for me, we are the perfect couple my life now is complete i thank the lord everyday for bringing us together, i am truly blessed to have such a wife as josephine, we are here to share our story with you and to thank filopino kisses for our first meet we met aug 6th 2013

our wedding day was beautiful we were married at 10 am on 25th april as planned the venue was perfect chosen by my good wife and she was so beautiful in her gown i couldnt take my eyes off her, we now are planning our future together in the uk and our first baby so we can build our family, we wish everyone of you lots of luck in finding true love as we have, always stay strong keep good contact and dont give up you can make your dreams come true, we have josephines my dream come true and im hers

god bless everyone

being married to josephine is everything to me i will always love her, always keep your love strong believe and trust in each other always

mickey & josephine

Olive Philippines and Luc Canada 18 May 2015 Success story
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This love story is sent to you with very happy hearts as two people from this site have indeed found love, been connected and now got married....! Hope it will help others to inspire them in finding their one true Love.

I would like to thank those responsible for this site. While it is true that all the website can do is offer you an introduction and initial correspondence, in today's hectic world, sometimes that is all you need. I met my sweetheart, my loving husband on this site last May 26, 2014. Our story started on this way…He sent me an email introducing himself, family background and his love in the past. His letter caught my attention and interest to write him back. After some exchanging of emails through this website, we both decided to continue our chat on Facebook. We became friends, we did chatting almost everyday even if I am at work as long as we found the rightful way to talk. After 2 months of daily communicating, I know by myself that I fell in love with him already. He told me about his plan, he wanted to meet me and my family in person last Nov. 2014 here in the Philippines but suddenly the plan was changed since I got my Family Visit visa approved going to London UK. I informed him about my situation and what is my plan before leaving the country. I told him that I will file my resignation to my current job of 14 years and pursue our plan visit there together with my mother. By the time that I informed him about my decision he said “I will go to London too and visit you and your family there. I will cancel my plan to visit the Philippines because you are not there and You are the reason why I want to be there . Eventhough he made a promise to meet me in London, at first, I didn’t believe him. I have a doubt that maybe he will not do that but then, what he promised is really a promise and he made it. Our communication continues eventhough I left the country, nothing changed and still the feelings is both mutual. We fell in love with each other even through exchanging of messages and skype webcam chat. He went and arrived in London last Oct. 12. We had the first dinner together with my family and friends. He gave some presents to my mother “Album with pictures compilation of my mother during her stay in London” and that was a surprise gift for her, some T-shirts to my sister and her family and also some kids stuff to play for my niece. After that night he went back home at the hotel and from that day our sweet and happy moments started. We visited some of the nice places in London and spent the happy time together. He stayed in London for 10 days from Oct. 12 ~ 21. He also attended the christening of my niece “Gael Maegan” which was held last Oct. 18 and he was also one of the Godparents. We spent our precious time together, he helped us on the christening from the food preparation and on the day of the event. Oct. 18, 2014 – this is the memorable date of my life not bec. this is the day when we had witness the christening of my niece Gael Maegan as her God parents but bec. I didn’t expect that on the same day, my life will change from then. He did a wedding proposal to me on the night of christening celebration. My mother is there, my family relatives and some visitors is in the house too. I was surprised and can’t explain my feelings on that time but yes! I have to admit that I am really happy…but cried due to I am not expecting his proposal. We got engaged Oct. 18, 2014 and we made the wedding plan together with my mother and be held in the Philippines. He went back home to Canada dated Oct 21. After few months of our engagement I went back home in the Philippines last Jan. 20, 2015 and I started to prepare our wedding requirements . Everyday communication seems like is not enough for us, we want to be on each other’s arm as soon as possible. He proved to me his love and sincerity especially that we are already engaged. He never failed to remember me .We are both excited for our wedding. He prepared his documents and sent to me, we helped each other to make our church wedding possible eventhough we encountered hard times on some documentation. We made it with the help and guidance of the good people around us and especially to our Almighty God. He was safely arrived here in my country last April 7 at 8:50 PM. We fetched him at the airport with my family and we are both happy seeing each other again after more than 5 months. He stayed in our house in Batangas and we lived together from the day he arrived here. My family and the whole clan was so excited to meet him and on that night of his arrival in our house lots of people are there and welcomed him in our home. We spent lot of memorable time together even before our wedding. We got married last “April 25, 2015 at 7:00 AM and the ceremony was held at San Roque Parish Church here in my hometown in Lemery, Batangas. It was witnessed by my family, friends, our Godparents, his sister (Lyne Auger) also came and lots of people in my home town. I almost cried while walking on the aisle because I can’t believed it will be happened to me despite of the heartaches and tears I’ve been through on my past relationship. We are now happy and very comfortable with each other as husband and wife. I know by myself he is the only one whom I want to be with until the rest of our life. My “Last Love” and it’s worth waiting for. I am really happy to have him on my life. For now, we are on the period of waiting for the releasing of our marriage certificate from NSO office and once it will be registered and received from them we will start the preparation of Sponsorship application going to Canada.

Once again, Thank you Filipino Kisses , this wouldn't have been possible without your website. To all of you who are still searching.... don't lose hope. Just be sincere and focus, once you found that thing called “LOVE” . We deserve to be happy and we will find that happiness to the one who deserve us. God Bless us all..

Olive and Luc

Mel Philippines and Meir Israel 16 May 2015 Success story
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To all the staff of Filipino Kisses,

I would like to thanks on this site at last my search is over i finally found the love of my life.More power and God bless .