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4 Testimonials / 139 Success Stories

Filipino Kisses let opportunies for many people to find love and hapiness, and they're proud to share it with you.

Bill and Rosalinda 23 Jul 2011 Success story
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I would like to wish everybody good luck!

I met my wife on FilipinoKisses and she is an inspiration to me everyday. We were married in Davao on 11 of June 2011!!!

So... Good Luck to all that are searching for their other half and God Bless

Violeta and Daniel 14 Jul 2011 Success story
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Hi to everyone...

I'm so thankful that I met my husband in this site!

We just got married last May 6th 2011 here in Cincinnati Ohio through fiancée visa...

Were are living happily now...

To those still seeking for love,just don't give up!

I know u will meet him in the right time,just don't forget to pray God too...

Mischelle and Ken 14 Jun 2011 Success story
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Hi everyone!

I just want to thank this site for helping me and Ken found each other.I met Ken in here last August 13,2010 and chatted for 6 months.Then last march 6 we met at the airport and headed to our hotel.Our time together was the best time of my life.He's such a gentleman and we love each lies.We were engaged to marry now and I'm just waiting for my Visa to be with him and start a family together and be happy.True Love did come once in our life that's why I'm so blessed to have him in my life.

To those who look for Love I know you will him or her.Just be patient and be truthful.


Jeff and Janice 04 Jun 2011 Success story
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Hi to all!

It's so nice to have these services to be able to meet such a nice woman.

For the guys I recommend you to meet your woman and have a nice conversation with them and their parents and to let you know that there are so many woman there that really understand old Christian family values and are willing to take care of their man in the most tender and thoughtful way. Just go to mass one night and you'll see some nice quality woman.

To the woman - I believe you are God's children...God bless you all.

Thank you Filipinokisses!!!

Oliver and Baby-Lyn 30 Apr 2011 Success story
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I am now married with Baby.

We have known each other for 2 years now. I went to Philippines last December 2009 and arranged all the papers needed for her and her son to be here with me in Germany. They came here last September 2010 and we got married last February 2011. We are very happy because 5 months from now, we are also having a little angel.

Thank you very much Filipino Kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and 26 Apr 2011 Success story
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and 20 Apr 2011 Success story
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kristine and salvador 13 Apr 2011 Success story
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Hello every one!

First of all I would like to thank God and this site because was FILIPINOKISSES that gave me the opportunity to meet the man I love: Salvador! He's so wonderful! ...

We are chatting for almost 3 months.... And the best of all is that he surprised me! When he called me on march the second I was shocked!!! I cannot tell what I felt..... From now one very morning and evening hes making a call to me for me not to worried about here and about me to.......he always try to communicate me..this is the first time i ever feel that i am secure...and being with life was complete already... So wonderful!

For those who are still looking ... good luck!

Don't you ever give up!

Once again: Thanks FILIPINOKISSES

geneva and george 04 Apr 2011 Success story
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Hello every one!

First of all I would like to thank God and this site because was FILIPINOKISSES that gave me the opportunity to meet the man I love: George! He's so wonderful! ...

We are chatting for almost 9 months and now finally we met.. It was last march 1, 2011... And the best of all is that he surprised me! When he called me on march the second I was shocked!!! I cannot tell what I felt.... Then, he went to my Province Leyte and I met him in the Tacloban airport.... (I was so nervous because its the first time this happened to me) .... But then, when he saw me, he gave me a great hug!!! So wonderful!

Afterwards he met my family and now we are together and very happy!!!!

For those who are still looking ... good luck!

Don't you ever give up!

Once again: Thanks FILIPINOKISSES

rowena and bernhard 16 Mar 2011 Success story
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Paul and Dezalyn 11 Mar 2011 Success story
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Dear Filipino Kisses

This email is sent to you with very happy hearts as 2 people from this site have indeed found love, been connected and now got married....!!! So a huge thank you from us both!

I myself have been married once before and was divorced for 12 years, I have searched and searched the whole world over for my true companion in life including many websites like yours, and finally, one day, she was there - waiting for me in FILIPINOKISSES.

You know I never thought it was possible, after so long a time, that I can meet someone who transforms my life in such a way - although love started with a computer and the latest technology - it finally lead me to the heart of such a true, wonderful and loving individual, who is now my wife, partner and best friend.

So if anyone out there has any doubts about FILIPINOKISSES or you`re still searching for your Mr/Mrs right or even if its just for friendship then check them out, compared to most websites, trust me - they rock!

Thank you once again Filipino Kisses for allowing us both to be members and of course for being true and not trading for personal gain or profit (like some i could mention). Both, Dezalyn and I, wish you and all your members continued success, and hopefully one day someone else can write their very own success story of how they too found love with FILIPINOKISSES.

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kind Regards

Paul & Dezalyn

Steve and Sharon 09 Mar 2011 Success story
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Well....sometimes you work from the ground up..and I had to learn fast......I thought to myself....I can either give up or try a different way..seeing that the first gal had a problem with honesty ...ok I know there is many fine....honest gals on the this time I picked who I want to talk to....and contact her myself.......after looking through 200 or so profiles...

I saw the most beautiful woman ...She stood out in the sea of fine ladies as if there were no others...I knew in an instant, I have to read her profile......She was everything I could hope and pray for.....She was the one I would call on......after our first webcam talk I wep like a baby. She was for real.....the first question Sharon asked me was: how did you find me.....LORD that answer was EZ. my reply was: I have been looking for you for years.......... That was 7 month ago.... I went to the Philippines for Christmas two weeks of getting to know each other...and lots of traveling...we are engaged to be married now.....we talk every night (my time, hers is morning) for 2 hours. Yes we converse very well with each other.

To the guys and gals who read this:
Please understand this takes a lot of time...and patience!
The visa alone will take 4 to 8 months.....and yes she is worth it! Blessings to you all!
and thank you FK!
Steve and Sharon....

john and red angel 22 Feb 2011 Success story
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Greetings!!! Goeden middag! Good day!!

Were glad to tell you that we just got married this ''feb 14'' in Netherland!!!!!

We are John and Red Angel and we send you huge kisses and hugs.

We would like to thank you for the wonderful opportunity for both of us to find each others heart inside FILIPINOKISSES. We both are members here and we will never forget this site because it connected our love.

This love will lead us both for eternity.

We know that its not easy to be with each other especially when both coming from a different country.

But distance is not a hindrance for love because love can make impossible to possible...

Our story might inspire everyones lives but we will not tell it here because it is very long, but be sure that we both are now living legally, happy and totally in love!!!

I'll send a tip for all other members: just always be yourself and let the arrow of cupids hunt you.

As we said already but it is never enough to repeat: THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FILIPINOKISSES!

Be sure that we will always bring the FILIPINOKISSES inside our hearts and mind ...

People! Its real and can't be fake nor can be avoided as we both signed in the matrimony of marriage life.

For us everything has no ending though it has the beginning...

We hope that you always continue giving someone lives a good and helpful way like you gave for both us.

Wish you all luck just like we had.

Wedding presents/cards still accepted hehehe

Dank u wel!!!!!!




James and 17 Feb 2011 Success story
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BRAD (BRA0424) and LEA 31 Jan 2011 Success story
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Hi there!

I am BRAD RICHARDS, 39 years old from Elimbah, Australia. I've been looking for someone to be with me for the rest of my life and I found her on this site... She is Lea from the Philippines. We've been chatting and talking on the phone for 2 months until i came over to see her in the philippines last november 30th 2010 to meet her and her family. We went to Batangas and Subic together with her family...We did have a good times and i am very happy spending our days together. Now, i am plannig to come back to philippines on march 2011.

We both love each other and hopefully planning to get married soon......

Words are not enough how thankful i am to FilipinoKisses!!! You are really a big help to us giving a chance to meet our love partner all over the world!!!!! More power to this site!! God bless!!

BRAD (BRA0424)

Jovelyn and Willy 13 Jan 2011 Success story
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Thank you Filipinokisses Team!
Thank you so much!
Because of this site I found and I am with the man i truelly love.......we have been together for almost 2 years and now were celebrating are 3rd anniversary this year. Our relationship is getting stronger each day and I love him so much. I want spend my life with him! I am hoping and praying that on our 3rd anniversay I am already with him. I hope that I get my visa approval this year so that I can live with him forever.....

Thank you so much Filipino Kisses

robert and geraldine 03 Dec 2010 Success story
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I looked for Women here at FK for a while....until I saw Geraldine who really caught my eye. I waited for some time, but thought "I really need to get a hold of her the smile and her image, well I could not get her out of my mind. I finally paid for a subscription and wrote her. It took a while for her to reply...about a month so I talked to a few women just in case she and I didn't work out. One day she replied and after a few written communications we talked on the phone. Not only did her written word and thoughts sound so good, but her voice was so angelic. It was full of optimism, happiness and Joy. She blew me away!
We met later on web cam and after a few minutes I decided to do a sense of humor check. She is very attractive and I said to her oh you poor girl, God dealt you a serious blow, {like she was not good looking}, but she is very attractive! I never thought she would take me serious. She got sooo mad. I started laughing which made things worse, but at least I got to see what she looked like mad.
The longer we talked the more I Knew we had to meet. She was everything I was looking for.
We met at the Airport and it was unbelievable. We spent a year together, such an awesome year and then were married. She is an incredible Woman! We have been together almost 18 months now and it could not be better.
Thank You Filipino Kisses!!!
Bob and Gen

Dom and Cherry 20 Nov 2010 Success story
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Dear FilipinoKisses,
I met my fiance here in April 2010. We chatted for about 6 months, but after the first few days, I knew she was the ONE!! We met in October 2010, and she was every bit as amazing as I had imagined her! I'll be visiting again in May 2011, and we've already started planning our wedding for October 2011. And then she will be joining me here in the US!! I can't wait!!

I want to thank you soooo much for your great site! It's so very true that the ONE for everyone is there somewhere. Never give up, never stop looking!!

Branko and Daisy 23 Oct 2010 Success story
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I wish to thank the FilipinoKisses Team!

I found my love on this very good Dating Platform.

We love each other and last August i lead her to the Altar, she is now my Wife.

Again, I have to say thank you, to help us to come together, and you given me the chance to find my Angel on earth, my love, and now my wife.

Yours sincerly Branko

Daisy and Branko 15 Oct 2010 Success story
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Hello FilipinoKisses!

I want to give thanks to your wonderful site because in here i have known my husband, we are just married last August, we loved each other very much...


Thank you.