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4 Testimonials / 139 Success Stories

Filipino Kisses let opportunies for many people to find love and hapiness, and they're proud to share it with you.

merry joy and donald 04 Oct 2010 Success story
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We meet at Filipinokisses 7 months ago. And now im in the United States. And now we are married! I am thankful that I could find my soulmate here at Filipinokisses. We are thankful for Filipinokisses or we never would have met..

Cheery Ann and Michael 29 Sep 2010 Success story
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I'm thankful to FK..

My search is definitely over..I found my match here.. We haven't met yet but we keep talking on Yahoo, Email to each other,and sending photos... We've planning to meet soon and planning to get married... =)

thanks FK and More power on your site..

love lots,

Kesri and Mellisa 15 Sep 2010 Success story
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Hello Guys,

Just want to say thank you for Fillipino Kisses because I have found my special woman right here, that I have been searching the whole world for.

I have been doing online dating on a number of sites for six months and getting very very dissapointed with all the fakes, lairs and scammers and time wasters. I decided to just stick with it for just two more weeks and nothing, then one week and nothing, then with just days to go, finally a woman deep in cyber space, stepped up and to pick me to be her very own "new puppy" ( ha ha ha)

We never saw each others photo properly until weeks after, but exchanged many many emails, and that was good because we saw each other with our heart and not our eyes and were not blinded by the physical because she is a fantastic woman inside.

Then finally weeks later she sent her photos, when I opened up my email my jaw dropped, I just could not believe it, she is beautiful and I am the luckiest man in the world.

So I just want to say to others searching for real love, please don't give up, keep on trying and trying. At least if you don't find someone you can know that you tried because your lovey won't break down your four walls that surround you and find you there.

You have to get out there and find your love that is also searching for you too.

So best of luck to everyone, when we get married soon we will post our photo. Don't ever give up on finding love.

Melissa and Kesri.

Gary and Luzveminda 31 Aug 2010 Success story
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I am so grateful to FilipinoKisses. Because of this site I have met my soulmate. I never thought I would meet anyone as beautiful, caring, and loving in my life. FilipinoKisses has trully made my dream come true and I am very grateful. I you have not met the love of your life dont give up and best wishes. As for me this site has exceeded my expectations. Now I must go to live my dream come true. to be with my princess heart and soul.

Thank you so much!

Werner and Jane 06 Aug 2010 Success story
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Hallo liebes Filipinokisses Team.

Wir wollte uns einmal bei euch recht herzlich bedanken. Ich habe über euch meine Traumfrau Jane gefunden. Wir kennen uns jetzt fast 7 Monate und wollen, wenn meine zukünftige Frau ihr Visum bekommen hat, im Herbst heiraten. Zu Beginn haben wir zusammen gechattet und seit 6 Monaten telefonieren wir täglich. Sie spricht schon sehr gut Deutsch, seit sie den Sprachkurs beim Goetheinstitut besucht hat. Ihre Schwester lebt schon sei Jahren in Deutschland nur ca. 100 km entfernt.
Wir können euere Kontaktplattform nur weiterempfehlen und hoffen das noch sehr viele Paare zusammen finden werden.
Vielen Dank für alles.

Viele Grüße
Werner und Jane

Andrew and Zorabelle 03 Aug 2010 Success story
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I would just like to say thanky ou to your website, as I met my wife through your site. We got married in May and are both very happy, Her name was Zorabelle and mine is Andrew.

We would just like to say a big thanks to you all at Filippinokisses.

Kind regards


Ms. K and Mr.K 19 Jul 2010 Success story
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Hello to All staff of FK i would like to thank you very much for your site. First i was working in London for 2 years and i had a lot of friends going around and no one of them are serious. So one night i did research more and one site did come as advertise it says meet asian singles now free registered now.
So I said I could try maybe it work on and then me I was in FK site. I did contact many man and I write email one of handsome guy heheh. So he did reply and I did thinking he is a British guy but he said he is from Austria. So i said okay, whatever for me is doesn't matter, the important you have communication.
So, 2 years later we did live in together he was living one of nice hotel in New Castle as company payed for it. So, now and then we go around together and all around. And 3 years later we decided to get married.
So, first I have gone home and he did stay one year more in England and me I did fly home to Philippines to prepare my papers and then after 1 year he did fly to Philippines to wait me. It was 3 months waiting for my Visa so, now we live together in Austria. He stopped his work in England and then I stopped mine too in the name of love hehehehe..
So, I am hoping some members don't loose their hope! Be strong! U will be the next Mr. and Mrs. XYZ
Thanks a lot for FK. The best site we have been with my husband..

Claes and Lovelyn 27 Jun 2010 Success story
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Good day to all the staff of FK.
We want to say thanks for this site coz we found each other here and we're married already.we are living now in sweden and we have a baby on the way.we are so excited all the members here goodluck and Godbless.

Mhel and Karsten 23 Jun 2010 Success story
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Good Day to all the staff of FK,

I just wanna thank you guys!! for the short time that i was on your site, i gained some friends and i met a wonderful guy on your site...we are now on the process of getting to know each other and we'll see from there...and we're planning to meet soon!!!!

Thanks so much for the efforts!!! If its not bcoz of FK we wouldn't have met....

God Bless,


Maritess and Benito 11 Jun 2010 Success story
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Good day to FilipinoKissess,

May the GOD always blessed your staff!

AT this moment I found my husband through your website last year and we settle down here in New Zealand.

Thank you very much for all your efforts sending me some list of friends. I happy to all of that!!!!!!

Holger and Shierly 09 Jun 2010 Success story
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I am very happy that I had discovered this site two and a half years ago.

I meet Shierly here only four weeks after I become a member and have send the money for registrating, four months after contact her first time I was flying to Mindanao for getting engaged.

Again one year later, in april 2009 we married in Gingoog, after we was not successful with getting a visitor-visa for travelling to Germany. Very hard work with the german embassy in Manila, hehehe. Also very hard getting all the documents, so that the marriage is legal for the german gouverment, too.

But four months after wedding, Shierly was come to Germany, and we are very happy here in europe.

With the Schengen-visa she could visit the most countries here in europe.

First we had visit Paris, the city of love :))

So we are very thankful to Filipinokisses!! :))

This site is not a fake, u can find a real relationship here. SALAMAT!

Watch our movies in, search for 'shierly und holger', so u can see how a philipina girl conqueer europe, hehehe

Ingat, paalam,

Holger and Shierly

Ludwig and Michelle 23 May 2010 Success story
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Hallo,Filipinokisses Team

Ich, Ludwig, möchte mich bei euch bedanken. Ich habe die Frau fürs Leben gefunden.
Wir haben uns ein halbes Jahr E-Mails geschrieben, ich in Deutsch und Michelle in Englisch, dann haben wir auf den Button zum Übersetzen gedrückt, um zu verstehen, was der andere geschrieben hat.
Ende November bin ich dann auf die Philippinnen geflogen und wir haben uns am Flughafen in Manila getroffen und uns umarmt und geküsst. Ein viertel Jahr später, Anfang April, habe ich 4 Wochen Urlaub genommen und ich flog wieder auf die Philippinnen, und wir haben in der zweiten Woche in Tagum geheiratet.

Ich wünsche dem Team von Filipinokisses alles Gute.
Ich und Michelle, wir haben uns gefunden und werden ein Paar sein!

Wir haben uns gefunden und kommen nicht von einander los, so sehr lieben wir uns. Das hätte nicht stattgefunden, wenn ich nicht bei einen Freund über die in Internetseite von Filipinokisses gestolpert wäre und Jetzt bin ich mit Michelle glücklich verheiratet.

Ich möchte mich herzlich bedanken.

Herzliches Dankeschön
Ludwig und Michelle Lee Warmuth

Jack and lovely 20 May 2010 Success story
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My search is definitely over now after a long time of chatting, exchanging mails i've found the girl i was looking for.
Good luck to you all, and thank you very much FILIPINO KISSES

Janet and Ricky 12 May 2010 Success story
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I am so happy that, I found website,filipinokisses.Because,through this website, I found very good husband.And We got married already,on April 23, 2010.And we are a happy couple,husband and wife.My husband,Ricky very happy of this site.Because, we are meeting each other.And We are very very thankful of this site,filipinokisses.God Bless Us!

Johann and Dory 19 Apr 2010 Success story
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wir möchten Sie mal bitten unsere Homepage zu studieren, ( )

Wir bedanken uns bei Ihnen und können und werden Ihre Seite immer weiterempfehlen, wir haben uns durch Ihre Seite kennengelernt.

Wir feierten bereits unserer dreijähriges Zusammensein.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Jonny & Dory

Daniel and Mira 26 Mar 2010 Success story
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Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren ,

ich bedanke mich sehr für ihren Service. Schon nach 1 Monat nach der Anmeldung im November 2009 habe ich meinen Traumpartner über gefunden. Wir haben uns dann im Januar 2010 erstmlas persönlich getroffen und schon kurz darauf am 26.3.2010 geheiratet.

Vielen Dank!

Mikey and Cathy 06 Mar 2010 Success story
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I would like to thank you for your services, I have found my future wife here and will be moving to live with her in August 2010. Communication is the key to happiness. It is a beautiful country with great people. May everyone be as joyous as us!!!!
I can hardly wait to start my new life with her.

Thank You again!!!! Mike and Cathy

Leen-Eils Dassler and 13 Jan 2010 Success story
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Hi there,

I really appreciate your job,and even thankful that I have found my match...

Since that we have just started and haven't met in person,yet,i hopefully you and your company will approve upload my photo that i have attached with...thank you so much and highly appreciated.

Trevor L Hall and Josefina Hall 13 Jan 2010 Success story
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Hi Filipinokisses!

Hope you get these few pictures of our wedding in Davao Philippines ,we are two former members that met on your web site 18 months ago , Trevor L. Hall and Josefina Mabasa, now Mrs hall.

I flew to Philippines on June the 12th and we got married on June the 30th, so I tell your members: it can be done!

Well, thank you very much Filipino Kisses for making two people from opposite sides of the earth very very happy!

Maille and 19 May 2009 Success story
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In February 2007, I was subscribing to your web site but I delete it in 2009. but thanks to your web site i finally find somebody there and I meet her in manila and her family.

I would like to tell you, many thanks for your web site. It's really great!!!