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Chris CHR1266
43 years
179 cm
75 kg
Bern / Switzerland
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Hi all

Thanks for viewing my profile. Unfortunately i can't e-mail through here but you can contact me on the known messanger. Hope to hear from you again.

Take care
Skylir SKY8264
61 years
171 cm
62 kg
South San F / United States of America
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Retired after successful career. People say I am easy to get along with. I am looking for an understanding woman. who will accept me with my faults, as I will hers.
Bo BOO5109
75 years
184 cm
105 kg
Sthlm / Sweden
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Hi, if you are interested in me, please visit Thai Kisses.
Thanks for visiting my profile!
Stig STI8524
56 years
178 cm
100 kg
Ski / Norway
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Honest person looking for an honest lady to be my wife. And maybe you want to move to Norway with me :-)
I am often in the city of Dumaguete. Maybe we can meet for a cup of coffee?
I am a faithful one lady man. Only serious contacts please.
Sincerely Stig Breistein, from Son
Mac MAC6066
58 years
176 cm
70 kg
Newcastle / United Kingdom
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Looking for friends to chat then maybe future partner. Thanks for looking at my profile. Would love to email/chat. I'm not yet a subscriber/Gold member. Please email me xxxxxxxxxx or similar. Thanks
Andreas AND4562
66 years
173 cm
88 kg
Berlin / Germany
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hey..hello ladies,
i am a natur lover , love woods , the sea and the
i am no smoker / no drinker, i am a good cook ,
i love fitness,
if you have little kids/girls, dont worry,i love little kids, its ok for me
hugs and kisses...hope we see us soon

Jord JOR7486
68 years
178 cm
98 kg
Manukau / New Zealand
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a outgoing person enjoys good scoial life
loves xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx looking for easy out going person who enjoys all aspects of life.
Brian BRI3192
58 years
178 cm
65 kg
Limerick / Ireland
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i live in Ireland most of my life Was very interested in sport eg cycling hurling cross country running and swimming Have visted most country in Europe on hoilday Enjoy outdoor life like walking and visting new place of interest That all for the present Brian
Jon BUF4734
43 years
175 cm
88 kg
Buffalo / United States of America
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Hi, please ADD ME to CONTACTS, so we can CHAT :) Otherwise, I can't talk with you--I don't have membership :(

I am a serious White Man interested in a simple, shy asian girl who is eager to please, kind, sweet, and naturally submissive. Must be serious. Would like to be your White Man, your Prince. Am romantic. I tend to like girls who are more traditional than "Americanized" or "Westernized". Someone who knows how to take care of a good man, and is interested in possible meeting. I'm in NY here. Am looking for someone interested in starting a new life, a new adventure. Good White Man for good asian girl :)
Keith KEI2094
64 years
179 cm
59 kg
Lancing / United Kingdom
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Someone who enjoys travel and likes animals
William WIL8370
44 years
177 cm
93 kg
Suffolk / United States of America
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I am an introverted extrovert, with all that it entails. I am a creature of contradictions – a bodybuilding bookworm, a night owl who’s an early riser, an active guy who loves to be lazy on Sundays. I’m always interested in learning new things, whether it’s history, politics, science, psychology or handyman projects. I cook a mean barbeque and love exploring new places.
Jamesgorresyahoo JAM2047
47 years
172 cm
66 kg
Manila / Philippines
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I'm a down to earth person, easy to come along. Friendly and approachable. A lot of sense of humor, I love cooking, home improvement, arts and decoration, playing musical instrument, I'm a nature lover and most of all I'm a family oriented. You can add me in your FB thanks!
John JOH4924
58 years
186 cm
92 kg
Kampala / Canada
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someone that I am attracted to but not just attractive but someone that I can get along with and they with me. We can communicate and have fun.
Ken KEN5105
71 years
179 cm
82 kg
Gosford / Australia
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please no internet cafe
can chat xxxxxxxx
Leopoldo LEO6430
46 years
165 cm
85 kg
Vienna / Austria
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I am looking for a gold-hearted, young lady, who is serious about a future together as life long partners. Please do not bother contacting me if you are only after Money, I wont send you any, so move on, please. I wish to take good care of my beloved lady and her child. She should be a cheerful, sweet girl, Serious, Honest, Loyal, Caring, who likes to Laugh and to spend my precious spare time together with me! Only Serious Proposals, please!!!
Ready REA3326
46 years
174 cm
83 kg
Bennington / United States of America
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a nice single man, looking for a lovely pinay
to be my wife, and have our family someday

oh.. and it's also plus if you are good in needlepoint.. ;)
Tom TOM1436
36 years
185 cm
75 kg
Sanders / Germany
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I would be happy to find a girl in the philipinnes, and would like to live there, or we find an other place togehter ....somewhere....
Haakon HAA4996
63 years
179 cm
70 kg
Stavanger / Norway
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Hello, thanks for visit me here.
I`m a easy, ordinary, honest and mybe lovely stupid man. Want to meet a lady to love and live together with rest of my life.
Take good care you and give you all respect
you deserve.
You are welcome.
Matt MAT2250
46 years
175 cm
80 kg
Newberry / United States of America
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I'm an old fashioned male who believes that chivalry is not dead, I am a family oriented man with traditional Filipino values... I am an easy dog to hunt with and I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I have a lot of common sense.I looking for a Pinay lady with good physical attributes, intelligent,humble,caring woman with lots of common sense,no body piercings except earrings,no obnoxious tattoos and must have a BMI of less than 23%...she must have good communication skills and she must have access to video chatting and voice calling...matthew flowers sa fb mssngr tayo.
Joshua JOS4279
32 years
172 cm
114 kg
Jacksonvill / United States of America
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Hello, I hope you are having a great day. I will keep this short because I wouldn't want to rob us of good conversations getting to know each other. I am a down to earth guy that just loves to laugh and relax. I do not have time for games and drama. I am all about growing and reaching my dreams and goals no matter what life throws my way. I am a musician that plays several instruments and also a artist/designer. I wear many, many hats but I love it. One of my main goals is to run my studio business and make it successful in the states and other countries. And also be able to give back to the youth, especially minorities of different colors and other countries/islands, that don't have the ability or option to learn how the arts and music can help their lives. Yes I'm divorced and single, and if that is a red flag for you, I understand. And if you are curious as to why and the outcome, please ask, I don't have any problem talking about it. I know that everything happens for a reason and I'm not going to let one bad apple make me bad mouth all good women that are still left. One of my hobbies is working out so if you like to work out and get some gains, then you alright in my book. I workout at either powerhouse gym or planet fitness so if you go to either hit me up.I'll stop here for now. I don't wanna give out all the treats about me. So hit me up if you like what you see and read. I will be moving to LA soon which I'm excited. I will be over there in the spring to visit for a week too. So if you're in LA hit me up. I'll need a tour guide. ??Oh, and I am learning Spanish so if you speak it or learning it, you get bumped up the list. Just saying. :) Oh and don't worry, I'm not a catchfish and neither a f*** boy. I still don't know what that is and neither care to know. I was raised old schooland learned great wisdom throughout like. But that also doesn't mean you can just walk all over me or treat me like a dirty rag. Respect me and I'll return it. Don't, then I'm gone out the door.Gracias por leer mi perfil. Espero escuchar de usted. :)