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Tamara TAM6635
27 Jahre
178 cm
Keine Angaben gemacht
München / Deutschland
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Ich suche einen Freund der wo mich so nimmt wie ich bin
Analiza ANA1303
25 Jahre
162 cm
52 kg
General San / Philippinen
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was born to be a simple, loving, sweet and caring, faithful, God fearing person..I’m not a party girl.. I choose to stay home after school or work.. I believe that if anything is worth doing, it's worth doing well. Patience and persistence are two of my most enduring qualities. As a friend I’m loyal and supportive. According to my friends I’m fun to be with.. I can be sometimes a funny person... I also love to plan for the future.I can be extremely jealous and possessive especially when it comes to Love... Having a good character, I also have negative treats. Imagination can be lacking and I am so stubborn at times …:D I do take everything so seriously that sometimes I find it hard to relax and enjoy the lighter side of life…I know being a pig-headedness could drive friends and lovers away … but I wish u can get through me…:D. .and sometimes I do just close my ears and don’t listen with some kind of arguments.. I can easily get irritated with some boastful and arrogant people..But I do try to keep my emotions under control.. but above all.. Just get to know me and you’ll know ME.. the real me.. I love who I am and what I am.. I don’t care what other people say… because I was born to live for myself and not for them.. I was born to be ME.. This is ME…:D lovelots…
Barbara BAR6110
68 Jahre
162 cm
65 kg
Stettin / Polen
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Ich verspreche Ihnen nicht viel,
Weil fast nichts.
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Ich klaren Tagen
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Und Hand in Not.
Ich verspreche Ihnen nicht viel,
Weil sie nur sich selbst.

Wir freuen uns über gute und nette Mann ohne schlechte Gewohnheiten für den Rest des Herbst des Lebens.