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กรุงเทพ / Thailand
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Latest news dated February 28, 2O16:
I wish you and your family all the best, health, luck and success in a wonderful year.

April 2O16:
EXCITED to visit Bangkok, Hua Hin and Ampawa again.

September 2O15:
Enjoyed Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore vacation.

May 2O15:
First time visit the great city of Istanbul, Turkey. Very nice people, delicious cooking, beautiful old buildings and an long history, I like this place at the Bosporus.

May 2O15:
Enjoy the beautiful flowers, especially tulips, at Keukenhof in The Netherlands.

July 2O14:
Happy Family gathering fatherside at a Chateau in Burgundy, France. Many family members from Switzerland came over and we had a special time together. Enjoy speaking three languages :)

June 2O14:
Happy Family gathering motherside in Michigan, USA. Enjoy time at the beach at Michigan Lake and help moving the house.

Dec 2O13 /Jan 2O14:
It was so great to meet many of my Thai friends and their families at Bangkok. Good to know that all of them are doing very fine :)
The traditional wedding ceremony and the whole wedding day of my Thai friends was AMAZING and we all (I guess more than 300 people) enjoyed a wonderful and special time.

Sep/Oct 2O12:
Meran in South of Tirol (means North of Italy) and Venice are really beautiful.

Oct 2O11:
Bangkok, the flood, crocodiles, me, myself and I

June 2O11:
Visited Bangkok and first time Taipei. Really enjoy delicious local healthy food, eat a lot and luckily did not put on weight :) so I remained slim.

May 2O1O:
Visited Linz and Vienna, Austria with mother and brother enjoyed Andre Rieu concert, origin Sacher Torte, perfect weather conditions, music and events in the. YEAH ... we had a GREAT time !

April 2O1O:
Visited Bangkok and Singapore.

Oct/Nov 2OO9:
Visited old good friends in Bangkok and Singapore.

Aug/Sep 2OO9:
Together with parents and brother, I just have visited Toronto and Niagara Falls in Canada. We enjoyed a wonderful time with our relatives in Michigan, USA.

March 2OO9:
Work and visit friends in Bangkok and Pusan (South-Korea).

February 12, 2OO9:
HAPPY to pick up my new BMW. Very nice with the face-lift and excellent equipped :)

Summer 2OO8:
My parents are soooooo HAPPY as they got a new BMW including many extras like TV. So my father enjoy watching TV while my mother is shopping :-)

February/March 2OO8:
Visit friends in Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Happiness is finding love through giving love rather than through receiving it. Gravity is not responsible when people falling in love.

Wish you all a very happy enjoyful life.
As a German, I have not to mention that I am a German native speaker. I like to learn other languages because together with studying a language you also learn about their culture, people´s behaviour and country.
I like to travel to Asia and visit my friends. I am so glad to have wonderful friends in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. Thank you for many years of friendship !
I love to make friendship with people all over the world to share experience and stories and learn more about other cultures.

I love to play VOLLEYBALL, travelling, ice-cream :-) high quality conversations and for Chinese-Indonesian wedding of my friends George and Denise. In February 2OO7, I attended my Thai friends wedding near Chumporn. Both weddings were soooo great!
I would like to correspondence with anyone I can be friend, the age, religion, culture will be no matter as long as we could share experience, knowledge or anything in term of friendship.

Take always very good care
Tongin TON9468
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Chiang Mai / Thailand
Pisal PIS5107
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กรุงเทพ / Thailand
นนทบรี ต.บางศรีเมือง
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หนองบัวลำภู / Thailand
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ไทย / Thailand