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Daniel DAN5913
63 years
186 cm
78 kg
Brisbane / Australia
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I am an easy going happy person who enjoys life. I enjoy travelling, spending quality time with family and friends. I enjoy cooking and photography and try to keep fit.
Max MAX3655
64 years
178 cm
78 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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I like to travel and meet people
Endi AND2829
52 years
183 cm
76 kg
Düsseldorf / Germany
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I´m looking for real love and soulmate; seeking for sporty and funny woman for serious relationship that leads into marriage.

Don´t wonder about me being active in this website for so long. I became a member here five years ago when I lost my last girlfriend (I thought we would marry one day). But I experienced it was not the right time for a new commitment.

I tried again two years later to make friends/penpals here, but too much severe disappointments. Therefore I wasn´t active in seeking a wife for a longer time.

Now I´m back again to give it a last chance. I like Asian appearance – that’s the reason for me being here.

No informative pictures in your account - no reply!

I don´t believe in divorce - like my parents I want to be married to the one and only until end of days.

From my Point of view it´s not important to be the first one - I want to be the last one...

Coz of my good job here you should be willing to come to europe; vacation home in asia at some later date may be possible.

You should be open minded, honest, faithfull and must like children as well... Slim body type girl with an open smile and intelligent in addition would be great ;-)

Well, it´s not forbidden to have a dream!

I´m observant catholic - therefore u should be kinda religious too - but I accept all.

Affectionate, faithful and honest, but a leader, that´s me! I´ve never been married - I have no childs (kids in the pics are my sisters´). I don´t smoke and don´t drink a lot - my potential partner will be my drug!

A lot of women here are looking for a simple man?! What is a simple man? I´m at least simple by thinking in that way:

- my wife is my partner and not a xxxxx
- partnership contains only one woman and one man [and maybe a lot of childs ;-) ]
- matrimony is sacred
- family is the most important thing in life

Do u agree?

So come into my beautiful paradise full of romance, love and happiness.

I have kissable lips and I know how to kiss. I will comfort you when you feel blue.

Do you want me to take you away into my fantasy world?

I´m young enough to joke around but matured in my aims and to take over responsibility. Hope our compasses are displaying the same direction.

Tell me if you want to be the angel in my heavenly kingdom.... the only one of course...

You should write me a bit more than just a "Hi". I won´t bite - I promise - unless you want me to bite :-))

TC & GB!

PS: I like playing guitar - but my guitar doesn´t like me ;-)

PS: Because of some sad experiences here: if you want to contact me just for money... please don´t waste my time!
Jon JON19161
56 years
175 cm
95 kg
Milwaukee / United States of America
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I am just a simple man, I love to travel to different countries as well as my own. I am a pet lover, dogs mainly. Very easy going, loving, passionate. I'm looking for a friend, best friend, lover, wife who is also my life partner. If you're looking for a sugar daddy I'm not for you! I'm looking for a wonderful, sweet and loving woman. She has to be trusting, faithful you never cheat! I've been xxxxx before but I'm willing to put my heart out there again for the right woman. I do have children oh, but they are grown so I don't consider them children anymore.
Rainer RAI1164
54 years
190 cm
80 kg
Kassel / Germany
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Olalala, thanks that you take your good time to visit my profile right now. Did I catch your eyes and interest? If some of my words or pictures can touch your heart please don’t be shy and send me a message with your thoughts, and also some words of your life, of your past life, your family and what for a guy you are looking for, ok? What did you expect from your future and what are your dreams, your hopes and your wishes for your future?

You like to know what kind of person I am looking for here? Honestly I cannot tell you this in detail. But if you are real, honest and respectful with an open heart and open mind and if I can see the shining of your genuine/sincerity heart and feel your positive waves it will be a great foundation. But I hope you're not perfect because neither am I…

Your wealth, your social status, your job or school status is not important to me. I am open to accept you and your family like you are and how you are, ok? Your age absolutely doesn’t matter.

Much more interesting is whether your heart, your thoughts, your eyes, your smile can enchant me and if I can give you same back, right? So it’s up to us to find our right person for us and maybe also our soul mate…

If, if you and me feel good together then I am fully open to accept you and your family. And of course I will accept like how you are, who you are and what you are, ok? Your physical age absolutely doesn’t matter for me - only the age and shining of your heart for me is important and that I can feel your aura and positive waves, the sunshine and genuine/sincerity inside your heart...

By the way: If you have children that will be nice - they are a part of you and same welcome in my heart like you. Kids are a great present and it is our task to bring them through a happy childhood with all our love, devotion and knowledge and to prepare them for a successful and fulfilling life. I occasionally work with children in alternative healing, conflict resolution, building self-confidence and it is a joy to work with them.

If you also like a fulfilling and happy life and future with much colour, much fun and joy and much deep feelings of love, if you also like loyalty, respect and satisfaction and when you are looking for a life time partner, then feel free to write me back, NOW.

Some words about me: I am a tall, romantic and easy going guy and I love kids, animals and the nature of our lovely blue planet. Friends say I'm a workaholic, determined - yet caring, loving and affectionate. Honesty, trust, reliability and harmony are very important to me. I never smoke in my life but I like chocolate very much…

If you like to know more about me you can ask what ever you like to know – no question can be wrong because it brings us more near to each other..

God bless and protect you and your dear family.

Bye, see you soon...
Tom TOM5801
72 years
175 cm
72 kg
Bristol / United Kingdom
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Looking to find my soul mate with real qualitiesof lovely nice lady that I will be able to get to know & marry plus most importantly Love for the rest of my days on our beautiful planet, God willing. My age range 36 years plus with or without children & prefer Ladies with a fuller figure plus they must be NONE smokers !!
Rainer RAI4042
54 years
190 cm
80 kg
Bochum / Germany
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I work sometimes in diplomatic order for governments, sometimes as business agent, sometimes as flight teacher and sometimes with alternative healing. So my life is not boring and I travel past time many times around the world.

Now I like to find a lovely and honest woman to build a harmonic, happy and loving family. Do you have a child - thats great...

If you also like diversified future with much colour, much fun and much deep feeling of love, if you also like respect and satisfaction, please write me back and tell me something about yourself and your family. So maybe very soon we can meet each other and start a successfull future and a new life...
Kim KIM3987
69 years
166 cm
70 kg
Sydney / New Zealand
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I am a very happy man. I am a medical specialist and I am 100% Chinese. my nationality is Kiwi and I travel on a New Zealand passport.
I am looking for a simple happy girl from 18 plus to 29 yrs.
I am not looking for career or smart girl because the Lord has blessed me with a good fortune. Ha ha no gold diggers. I can provide for her as long as she knows how to care for her man. If you can win my heart and love I am sure most of your worldly needs will be taken care of. I would like to win your love, heart and soul too.
Romance, cuddling and intimacy mean alot to me and in this my serious last relationship. I am looking for a serious lady, true love and dedication.
Good chemistry is very important and usually we notice this when we first meet.
I am well travelled and educated.
Hope God will grant me this one special lady. I am seeking high and low for you. But if you feel you are the one just say Hi or Hello or Can we talk it further? You need to Try it as you have nothing to lose but plenty to gain.

I am unable to travel to the South esp Mindanao bcos of terrorists group who will kidnap foreigner like me for ransom. My government warns me not to go to Mindanao for my safety.
So we can meet I can fly you up to Manila and back to your home city of course. We can chat on webcam and do video or phone calling.

God bless all of us.
Martin MAR83122
50 years
184 cm
90 kg
Bern / Switzerland
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Life is like a box of chocolates, enjoy every single moment and live to the fullest
Frank FRA2476
58 years
199 cm
100 kg
Winnipeg / Canada
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Hi Ladies Outgoing friendly guy looking for a second chance of love for the rest of my life ! I have to say this time it has to be a asian lady ! Was married for 22 years and now divorced for over 2 years ! Life is very lonely these days ! I am originally from Germany living now in canada for 15 years ! I am planning to go back to my homeland in some years but am also open to live in the phillipines ! What ever will work and is the best solution for both of us ! Well i hopw to talk face to face with my future dream lady and wife from the phillipines ! Good luck to everybody !
Stefan STE8074
61 years
184 cm
82 kg
Gothenburg / Sweden
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Im a man like my work, like to read books like to jogging and good food and a little bit golf somtimes.
Klaus KLA4136
56 years
165 cm
80 kg
Nuremberg / Germany
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For an european guy i´m less tall, but i compare it with a little more weight .... haha ..
Happyness und to have fun with are important in my life also having a few real friends you can trust your life and not a lots of them, where you know even their names.
Paul PAU5668
60 years
176 cm
76 kg
Sarasota / United States of America
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good sense of humor, caring, hardworking,loyal,intelligent, animal lover,sports lover, looking for an emotionally stable woman between the ages of 32 and 48
Mike MIK1802
61 years
186 cm
98 kg
Decatur / United States of America
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i am looking for a sincere woman
Mike MIK9278
62 years
178 cm
103 kg
Horsham / United Kingdom
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i am a easy kind of man and am looking for a female over 30 who is honest and sincere
Karl KAR0206
65 years
178 cm
68 kg
Trier / Germany
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I am interested in women who are living in GERMANY - and either have no or already grown children.
Roger ROG1095
71 years
163 cm
90 kg
Kortrijk / Belgium
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im honest and looking for the samer
Jukezu YUC6650
62 years
178 cm
77 kg
X / Finland
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Finnish adult, non-alcoholic and non-smoking man
waiting for that beautiful filipina write soon.

Pure nature, clean cities and bright
summer nights.
The sun is visible in northern Finland almost all night!

That's Finland.

Kevin KEV6998
59 years
182 cm
124 kg
Chicago / United States of America
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Hi I'm kevin from the USA I'm looking for a good honest faithful loyal I'm retired construction bricklayer please respond me. No scammer please if you xxxxxxxxxx please message me
Rick RIC2909
69 years
180 cm
90 kg
Cebu / Philippines
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I am an optimist, positive, fun, humorous, active, romantic, passionate.... looking for the same in my partner.