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Ernst Stefan ERN9403
61 years
174 cm
84 kg
Munich / Germany
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I want to get to know the country, the culture and other people,
Hello, I'm looking for the right one for me,
for a relationship,
Many Thanks,
Joey JOE1910
56 years
188 cm
84 kg
Arden / United States of America
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Looking for a lifetime partner
Aleksey ALE5542
59 years
183 cm
73 kg
Kiev / Ukraine
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If you are ready to go with me in life, write your contacts by letters separated by a space.

I am not rich, I live in a beautiful country very lonely.

I want to be a kind and affectionate husband for an honest and devoted woman.

If we build a family, then we will build it together, like a real loving couple.

I love to give happiness and I hope you will give it to me too.

Martin MAR2808
61 years
162 cm
69 kg
Corindi Bea / Australia
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i am a loyal honest and romantic 52yr old shy and quiet at first i dont like games and i dont like to be used. I enjoy quiet nights at home with a good movie, walks on the beach and fishing. looking for friendship leeding to marriage.
Steve STE9503
62 years
185 cm
91 kg
Little Gen / United States of America
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i am looking for a woman of morals and of a good family nature, sweet , romantic, nice to be around , that can enjoy the country life.** if not truely interested, please do not contact ,me.,,If,so,ADD ME TO YOUR "Contacts** i'm seeking a mate, not just a date...I believe i would make a fine husband to the right woman.Yes, i have a small farm... cows, animals etc....
Edward EDW7659
53 years
180 cm
71 kg
London / United Kingdom
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I would like to meet an honest person, someone nice and petite who may be attentive with me.
I am a nice calm person, very clean, casual and smart. If you would like to know more, just ask.
David DAV3995
64 years
170 cm
79 kg
Sydney / Australia
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not a bad bloke for my age , can cook , clean , still very active with sport
Matthew MAT4987
49 years
183 cm
96 kg
Oxelösund / Sweden
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Easy going guy with a sense of humor
James JAM0555
50 years
183 cm
73 kg
Rock Hill / United States of America
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Currently single and flirty
Mike MIK5956
51 years
180 cm
86 kg
Heidelberg / Germany
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Hey Ladies,let's have a look what happens. Many adventures resulted in serious relationships.... who knows. Love to read from you. Dear greatings from southern Germany. :-)

PS: thanks for sending me your details via message here. Please note, that this straight information will be filtered as soon as it is recognized by the system as an mail adress e.g., so I will not be able to answer.
It is a riddle, how they do it ...
btw... how about sending me a riddle. I love riddles ;-)
Theo THE7051
73 years
170 cm
66 kg
Augsburg / Germany
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I´m romantic, slim and still a bit sportive, looking for a warmhearted, sensitive and intelligent woman who wants to take me as I am, my missing second wing to fly to the heaven, to explore the rest of our lifes together. I´m catholic but not problem you´re not, interested in other cultures, open minded. I want we live our lifes in harmony and if necessary we solve conflicts with a high culture. My star sign is aries. Where are you hidden? I promise to send my pic with the first direct mail. I wish you a good time there.
Hakan HAK5119
40 years
172 cm
70 kg
Tokat / Turkey
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Please write your messenger name
Jer JER1835
33 years
172 cm
71 kg
Tees / United Kingdom
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I am cool and easy to be with
Jarl EDG6294
69 years
182 cm
76 kg
Finnsnes / Norway
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Searching for a serious girl/woman I can trust and believe in. I am separated just now, waiting for legal divorce soon. Also often visiting Philippine, latest January this year.
PS. I'm not searching for a woman older than 35 y.o.
Wolfgang WOL2454
68 years
169 cm
72 kg
Delmenhorst / Germany
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I'm seriously seeking for a long term relationship to a nice asian woman leading to marriage.
Johnny JOH7115
63 years
181 cm
98 kg
Gothenburg / Sweden
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I am a generous man with a warm personality.
My first priority will always be the family, and I want a woman who feels the same.
Joe JOE8481
45 years
178 cm
90 kg
Miami / United States of America
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i love god , i love others and i love myself, love is more then a four letter to me its a feeling i still have faith in. I dont care where your from , what you have , or what you know , all i care is where is your heart.
Ali Abbas SLI9026
50 years
167 cm
82 kg
Tashan / Bahrain
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Looking for serious relationship and long term
Finn Gregersen FIN7916
65 years
176 cm
90 kg
Sønderborg / Denmark
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I am a young feeling Mann. 61years old, 176cm. 90 kg. I live in a little flat, about 65 xxxx with a little garden.
I are a nice man, there are faithful, honest, Romanesque.
I like to cook, I not am good cook, but I try.
In my free time a have a different thing a do. I make picture, I have my computer, I make a trip on my bicycle, and I walking a little on the beach and the Forrest.
Fumi FUM9108
62 years
164 cm
61 kg
Abikoshi / Japan
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