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Micky MIC6378
74 years
172 cm
95 kg
Leeds / United Kingdom
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I am pretty easy going and can be very loving, with a good sense of humour.
I am looking for a sweetie that is easy on the eye and prepared to give and to receive warmth, love and energy.
Jim JIM6262
66 years
169 cm
64 kg
London / United Kingdom
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Hello, just on this site to find out what it's about and to take it from there.
Briefly, I took early retirement in 2003 and decided I wanted to live in the sun.
So I closed down all my building society and bank accounts apart from one, gathered in my insurance policies and pension funds, sold my house in England and then came out to the Mediterranean sea where I found my paradise island where I bought myself a two double bedroomed bungalow which is actually built into a mountain. Don't worry, it's not built at the top, so climbing boots and oxygen bottles are not needed!
I live alone with just my stray dog for company and we live together very happily.
I return to England at least once a year to see my accountant and to sort out any tax requirements then take a couple of weeks holiday before returning home to my dog. I'd very much like to meet someone who's firstly looking for friendship which may later become stronger and into something permanent. But, firstly there must be that attraction and friendship before anything else. I hope you understand and agree with this. Hope to hear from you soon and let's see what happens. Take care and best wishes.
Ken-Winston KEN6951
67 years
178 cm
88 kg
Santa Fe / United States of America
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Seeking girly, sweet-faced, young, small, thin or super thin, darker-skinned, natural looking Filipina who speaks English well and is interested in traveling and a life with me in the U.S.

I love dark eyes, dark hair, dark skin, natural eyebrows, little makeup most of the time. Natural-looking girl. Do not like whitened skin or shaved, fat , painted eyebrows. Sorry. (I know the fat eyebrows are a thing right now. I really think they look fake and awful.)

No kids. Sorry.

Hope to see many recent pictires of you.
Dieter DIE7998
55 years
178 cm
69 kg
Saal / Germany
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I let myself be surprised
Neto NET4451
53 years
180 cm
74 kg
Bellevue / United States of America
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Dennis DEN7952
58 years
180 cm
79 kg
North Bay / Canada
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looking for a life long partner, friend and soul mate.
Xxx AND6771
55 years
171 cm
70 kg
/ Germany
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"Liebe mich dann, wenn ich es am wenigsten verdient habe, denn dann brauche ich es am meisten"
Stefan STE8074
60 years
184 cm
82 kg
Gothenburg / Sweden
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Im a man like my work, like to read books like to jogging and good food and a little bit golf somtimes.
John JOH3746
51 years
184 cm
87 kg
Boston / United States of America
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Hi. I am a registered nurse. And living in Boston Massachusetts USA. I am planning on visiting the Philippines soon and even planning on retiring there. I love to laugh and to have fun. I do believe the I have the values of an old fashion gentleman. At this time I'm not a gold member so I can not message you but if you message I promise to reply once I get my gold membership.
Greg GRE0419
48 years
172 cm
68 kg
Charlotte / United States of America
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I am a nonpaying member so I can't reply to some chats.
Frank FRA1342
45 years
189 cm
79 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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looking for friendship,age is not important
Goutam GOU1594
52 years
171 cm
70 kg
Calcutta / India
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funny, free and frank and enjoy life to the fullest.
Mike MIK2240
51 years
176 cm
85 kg
Tr / Germany
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I thank you for viewing my profile and I look forward to hearing more about you.
I trust we can become good friends and swap stories, photos and if you would like me to send you a photo of myself, let me know and I will arrange this.

Well, I will start off by telling you a little bit about myself:
I am single, no children and I live in the south western part of Germany.
I´m a caring, sharing person with a great sense of humour… I enjoy a good chat and a good laugh around.
But I´m not looking for my soulmate or for my future wife here !
I´m just interested in correspondence with people from all over the world and in making great friendship over the miles.

I like to read books and watch films ( …fantastic stories are my favorites ).
I love to travel around; I have been to many places in Asia, like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand.

But some of my interests are those of a dreamer.
Since I was in the age of 25 years, I carry a rough concept for a weird fantasy/mystery tale in my mind, which I would love to write down and illustrate ( ...with drawings or photo collages ).
But somehow I miss specific inspirations...
Maybe you could help me with your ideas ?
I don´t know if you have a sense for fantastic tales or not... But maybe I should give you some informations about the story:
It´s about a man who got shrunk in size by some sort of magic, ending up as a 15 centimetres ( 6 inches ) small captive in a doll´s house of a possessive young woman.
The house itself becomes his prison in which he has no chance to hide or escape from the woman´s hands.
The specific inspirations I´m looking for are not about the background storyline, but about the woman´s actions when she takes the man in her hand to abduct him or to take him out of the doll´s house.
Sometimes I imagine myself as the captive... and I know that I would try to resist or to escape.
I now want to know how the woman would respond... or better, what she would do.
So, I´m searching for inspirations given by a woman who is willing to participate as the actress of the woman in my story.
Those inspirations could be texts and pictures... Pictures of her hand, reaching out or in position like she is holding a small man, which I could later use for photo collaging or as patterns for drawings.

So, if you are interested in me and my story, please don´t hesitate to contact me.

All the best,


Darryl DAR7555
59 years
176 cm
81 kg
Hilo / United States of America
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I'm successful, attentive, caring and romantic, but I'm not without faults...I am seeking an independent, loving, sometimes crazy person to help me to stay away from work.
Ian IAN9035
61 years
180 cm
84 kg
London / United Kingdom
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I am looking for someone in the Cebu area. Please only honest people.. do not ask for money ..
I want a long term relationship with only one lady in my life ...
If it is a scam and I have seen lots on here . Please move on ..
Line thomas THO4952
43 years
199 cm
103 kg
Chemnitz / Germany
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I from Germany can not read contact information here...no pro-member!!wazzzzappp Countrycode..one.:.sev.:..six..six.:.nine..sev..:one..:fiv..two..two :.:three
Mark MAR66141
65 years
186 cm
88 kg
Dumaguete / United States of America
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Very healthy older gentleman that desires a beautiful and active trophy wife.
Anasser ANA5715
59 years
176 cm
74 kg
Riyadh / Saudi Arabia
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I want to be a wife and dear friend to me sincere and honest with me and with herself
Arve ARV5883
65 years
178 cm
76 kg
Bryggja / Norway
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I think I am a kind-hearted, honest, faithful, reliable, loyal and responsible man. I am also realistic, well-educated, have sense of humor, understanding, helpfull and a family oriented man.

I am a Christian and God fearing man, and my Christian belief and my relationship to God is important part of my life.

The most important in a relationship is love, but a relationship is more than love alone; it is also, and most importantly, caring, giving, understanding and respecting. The best proof of love is trust. Without absolute HONESTY AND TRUST, is it impossible to build a good relationship.

I think also that a good relationship starts with friendship and action speaks louder than words!

Want to find a serious, faithfull, honest, caring and loving Christian woman.

NB! I'm not interested in a short love affair and I don't like liars and scammers and people who have no respect for, or play with others feelings!! So please be 100% serious and honest if you want to contact me!!

Rudolf RUD5870
70 years
173 cm
79 kg
Heilbronn / Germany
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Leben und leben lassenLive and let life