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Stephen STE5297
63 years
181 cm
88 kg
Portland / United States of America
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I like outdoor activities, like hiking. I exercise 3 to 4 days a week to stay in reasonable shape for my age. I like nice wine, and have a decent collection to share with friends and that special someone. I can cook and love to do so for others. I like many kinds of music and live concerts. I am the good son, one who looks after his elderly mother. She does not live with me, but I live close by to make sure she is doing okay.

I am looking for a lady who is smart, pretty, and willing to communicate about all things important. Since contact will be a long distance situation, I will ask questions that some might be afraid to ask, it is the only way to find out about people. Also I hope the lady will be interested in some energetic activities. Perhaps she can go for a run with me, or hiking.

This part of my message is for you ladies who have children. I enjoy working with kids, I referee sports after work, because I like working with kids. I make a decent living, but I can only afford to bring a single lady over, I cannot afford her children as well.

I have been to the Philippines twice on business.
Tom TOM5801
70 years
175 cm
78 kg
Bristol / United Kingdom
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Looking to find my soul mate with real qualities
of lovely nice lady that I will be able to get to know & marry plus most importantly Love for the rest of my days on our beautiful planet, God willing.
My age range 36 years plus with or without children &
prefer Ladies with a fuller figure plus they must be
NONE smokers !!
Hans-Jörg HAN9663
54 years
180 cm
82 kg
Linz Am Rhe / Germany
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on this Year i´m work very hard in Thailand !!!
But next year in the sommer i come too Phillipin for 6 weeks and make Holliday
Toni TON5803
51 years
172 cm
0 kg
San Diego / United States of America
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I am looking for someone honest and faithful.
William WIL6683
68 years
186 cm
94 kg
Philadelphi / United States of America
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I need a woman possibly young enough to give me children---but not necessarily---and old enough to no longer be a child herself. She must love me hard and the rest of our family soft, and both with all her heart. She needs to love letting me please her and then must need me like crazy. She needs to be well presented, but not necessarily be a show horse. She needs to be intelligent, at least somewhat educated and ambitious for herself and her family. She must be courageous and cooperative as a teammate. She has to want to be my teammate in life.

I will love her completely and make as many of her dreams come true as I can. Tell me what you need from me.

Without being disrespectful, I am not interested in anyone who is still a virgin. I want a woman who is an adult and knows something about love and men.

Rom ROM7193
71 years
167 cm
66 kg
Fair Oaks / United States of America
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I love the Philippines, and that is the reason I came back in to retire in 2015 and will remain here for the rest of my life.
Chris CHR9101
56 years
172 cm
67 kg
Stockholm / Sweden
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Former musician, widower, now in electronics proffession own
Private Company. Since 15 years appx, busy business sometimes
Previously working in H.Kong, K.Lumpur, Sgpore, Kobe. Osaka

Seeks Queen of house, matured, fashionably, classic style Lady.!
with Big city and modern living experience, open minded.
-May be Separated, Widow, Lonely for open relation, all welcomed
Travels, housing and gardening, hobbies and related friendship.
And no jeans, sunglasses, joggings or slippers in presentation profile. Thank you.
Oliver OLI9540
56 years
183 cm
90 kg
Dusseldorf / Germany
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I think I am a nice man and would like to meet a nice lady.My interests are to practise sports (gym, golf, football), reading and travel.
Ray RAY9369
26 years
176 cm
58 kg
Auckland / New Zealand
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I am looking for friends, or maybe a girlfriend, I will settle down for the right person. I hope to go to Philippines sometime :)
Rupert RUP8916
61 years
185 cm
112 kg
Regensburg / Germany
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casual person, enjoy the outdoors, music, wine, beaches, fresh air.

none smoker.German National , Living in Gemany.
Michael MIC9313
57 years
175 cm
65 kg
Bruchmuhle / Germany
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ich suche dich
Jef JEF7389
63 years
173 cm
69 kg
Nukwonago / United States of America
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I AM intereated in most anything thats related to cars and motorcycles.Iam adventureous and am looking for a partner. Hmm that did not sound right. Ah well,
Kenn KEN4936
62 years
184 cm
88 kg
Edmomton / Canada
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Caring and protective of my friends and family and children. I enjoy intellectual challenges but i also enjoy gardening and nature.
I do have a strong, somewhat dry sense of humor.
Sabbir SAB5793
31 years
177 cm
72 kg
Ahmed / India
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you can contact
Joerg JOE5748
52 years
180 cm
70 kg
Bei Montaba / Germany
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Every day without love is a lost day.
And something else: No Pic - No fun
I'm only a Free-Member
Mikko MIK5618
41 years
174 cm
70 kg
Helsinki / Finland
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I am already happily married and i love my wife. But we want to expand our family by me having another wife. I am serious christian, and i want to make my family stronger, with your loving care. So, i need you, my right lady, to make this happen. :) I have my vision for life. I want to take care of my family and work for the lord. I will take care of you and wish you do the same. I need you to be a saved, committed christian. You don't need to be perfect, but a decent, normal person, just willing to do right.
Man Dean MAN6030
58 years
170 cm
66 kg
Haifa / Israel
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if u want to chat just add mein ur favorite list coz imnot a full member here
Bob BOB1516
56 years
182 cm
100 kg
Herndon / United States of America
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am an easy going man with that works alot
Max MAX3573
67 years
183 cm
82 kg
Sydney / Australia
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I am looking for a girl with a pleasant personality.
Well-educated would be good.
Max MAX2893
60 years
180 cm
150 kg
Prescott / United States of America
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I'm a big man with a big heart looking for love.