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Ralph RAL4991
64 years
182 cm
87 kg
Anchorage / United States of America
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20 Sept 09
I consider myself honest, loyal, sincere. I am looking for a seroius relationship. I want to be in love.

If I were to visit the Philippines would I find that special someone. I am not rich nor am I poor, but I do miss someone in my life.
Nsande NSA2889
45 years
168 cm
76 kg
Bergen / Norway
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John JOH9471
62 years
181 cm
75 kg
Sydney / Australia
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im a very fit healthy australian gentlman im self employed non smoker very easy going guy allso extremelyaffect romantic person im looking for a very seriouse lady some one who knows what she wants and a loving loyal woman who is looking for perm relationship and not just silly games xxxxxxxxxxx no skye
David DAV8687
60 years
173 cm
96 kg
Brooksville / United States of America
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I'm a simple laid back person, backwoods redneck looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with. I live very simple. looking for same must love water and swimming MUST LIVE IN USA
Cesar CES7012
42 years
168 cm
69 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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Hello I'm from Los Angeles CA. Looking for a friend to talk and get to know maybe it leads to something?? I work in hospital and have my own business in Screen Printing.
Madera Roja MAD4924
75 years
172 cm
73 kg
Doi Saket / Thailand
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You should look for me on Face Book. My name is.
I have the same name everywhere that I am.
I am orininally from the state of Texas, although I have lived in other states, including Missouri and California.
I am 69 years old, I stand 5'7" xxxx and weigh 160 lb. xxxx kg). I am fit and healthy. I exercise regularly.
I do not like cats or dogs because I am allergic to the hair.
I like to enjoy life. I would not consider relocating because I am where I want to be. I live in a quiet moobaan in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai.
I decided to live in Thailand because I cannot afford to live in the U.S. with my small pension. I have been in Thailand for more than 2 ½ years and plan to stay here.
I would like for you to be where I am, with you, by your side holding your hand, occasionally giving or getting a kiss or a hug.
I like cooking with a lady. It is something that we can do together.
I like most children, I especially adore the little ones.
My taste in music is toward the peaceful, orchestral pops, contemporary jazz, some classical, and world music; think Jackie Gleason and Music for Lovers.
I am fond of nature, in its natural state. I like gardening and pretty flowers. I enjoy a good conversation. I am seeking a peaceful, attractive, petite, youthful, loving partner who has interests similar to my own. I seek someone who is intelligent and who is able to hold a conversation.
My lady should have long hair that is tastefully kept and a sense of humor. She should have some small amount of fashion sense and she should dress in a feminine manner. I am seeking someone who is healthy and who eats healthy foods. The lady that I am looking for would be someone who exercises on a regular basis.
Andy AND1753
53 years
178 cm
78 kg
Brisbane / Australia
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I love the Aussie climate, the outdoors and I'm happiest when active. My favourite activities are scuba (including underwater photography), exploring by bicycle and socialising. However socialising is proving a bit difficult 'cos I'm not the type to approach strangers, that's why I'm registered here! I want to meet a lady whom I can cherish, share my life with and spoil with affection. The motto from my ancestral village in England is 'Manners Maketh Man' which is something I strongly believe in. So be prepared for romance and gallantry. I'd get a lot of pleasure from taking you to beautiful places in the world. For you to win my heart you are most likely to be natural, friendly, enthusiastic, funny and sincere. This registration is to give me the chance to introduce myself to the right lady so I'm not expecting enquiries, just something for you to read before agreeing to meet me. Like I said at the top, there's more to me than meets the eye.
Richard RIC9535
75 years
172 cm
81 kg
Bath / United Kingdom
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I am a professional singer and private English teacher and a writer of books and songs. I sing romantic songs. I am very romantic and loyal. I never get angry, or sad, or down. I never get drunk, I never gamble or smoke. I am always happy and laughing. I have so many friends who love me. But I do not have the one I need most - a woman who loves me unconditionally, as I will love her. I want to feel overwhelming love for my girl. I want her to see the love in my eyes for her. I want to see her love for me in her eyes. I want a girl who loves me so much that she clings on to me always. I want to feel at peace with her as our hearts and our souls dance with each other. "...and on each crowded street - your face is the face I seek...." I can be the safe harbor for your soul, I can fill your life with love and laughter and romance and music! Sure, I am older than you, but I can teach you so much about life, love, romance and business. I hope you will love to talk with me and exchange ideas about so many things. Or I hope that we will just love each other. If you love to sing or play piano, that would be great too. If you love to dance, I am also a very good dancer! I don't mind if you have a girlfriend. I am also a very good cook, and I will be happy to cook for you, so don't worry if you are not good at cooking! I love swimming, so we can enjoy swimming together. I love to spend time with other people, especially musicians, as long as you are with me. And I'm happy to be alone with you too, on a beach or in a park or snuggling up together to watch a movie together. In my life I have decided never to grow older than 39, so I swimming 24 lengths of the pool every day, and I sing every day. My voice is like warm honey, people say....So if you want a wonderful, handsome, interesting, loyal, funny, romantic guy, and you want to walk down the street holding my hand or my arm, feeling me holding you close so much, and showing you so much love all the time, and if you are loyal, and you want me forever, then come to me now, and let's stay together forever! If I find my girl, then I will stay and stay and stay....If you think you could be my girl, then fly into my arms now, before another girl catches me! I am not here for games. I am sincerely looking for my true love, my soul mate, my kindred spirit. Are you there? Find me somehow! I look forward to looking into your eyes and seeing your complete love for me and realizing that we have finally found each other! Are you there? Are you there? Are you there?
Pogish POG5913
46 years
185 cm
76 kg
Tokyo / Japan
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I'm looking for serious relation ship. I'm royal and honest. Where is my Queen
Peter PET1069
52 years
189 cm
122 kg
Sydney / Australia
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Honest, good heart, down to earth, love traveling & meeting new people.
David DAV7345
54 years
182 cm
71 kg
Sydney / Australia
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I am a thinking person. Radical. Conservative also. Christian....I,m not full paying member yet. If you are interested; send me an invite that I can reply to. I will be willing to travel for the right person. I like honest and pure hearts. Not too many other things impress me....
Many thanks to those who showed interest in me thus far...Cheers. thanks for that.
Keep up the good work....
Brian BRI4072
57 years
190 cm
103 kg
Newcastle / United Kingdom
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I found my love here at Filipino Kisses, I am so happy, THANK YOU
Michael MIC80966
58 years
182 cm
82 kg
Beltsville / United States of America
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Well you've come to find out about me? hmmm, what can I say. I'm great! (smile) a fun loving and hopeless (hopeful) romantic who can find the positive in almost anything or anyone. I love being active but also enjoy the couch potato scene especially if it means snuggling. I am looking for a woman who wants to be in a serious relationship leading to marriage, who can communicate, verbally and physically. must have a good sense of humor (laugh at my jokes) likes to travel and explore new things. someone who enjoys plays, concerts, museums and nature. if you are independent, confident, emotionally stable and able to commit, and comfortable within your own skin, I'd like to hear from you.
Larry LAR7181
59 years
173 cm
99 kg
Stafford / United States of America
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I'm an easy going person. I'm looking to meet someone for a serious relationship. Leading to marriage. I'm a single parent raising three kids.

I'm the romantic type looking for love and to be loved. I like to talk and hug. Communications is very important.

I'm looking for someone who dosen't have to say she loves me but can make me feel that she does. I'm looking for an equal partner. I'm looknig for a friend and a lover. I'm looking for someone who loves god and family oriented. I will support my future wife in pursuing her career. Because I know it will benefit our family and yours too. If you are that person. I hope to hear from you. I have no problem flying over to meet my baby. Please. No games. I'm looking for a serious relationship. Leading to marriage.
Kamil KAM7005
36 years
184 cm
70 kg
Wroclaw / Poland
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OK, so this will be almost like an "describe yourself" English class homework ;)

My name is Kamil. I live in Wrocław, Poland. I work as a software engineer although I don't think I'm an "IT crowd" type of guy :)
In my spare time I like playing video games, listening to the music, watching weird videos on YouTube and buiding with Lego bricks (no mistake). I'm also into history and general knowledge (I basicaly like to know "things" and understand "why").

If you are into psychology stuff my top 5 strengths according to Strenght FInder test are (in order): Responsibility, Individualization, Harmony, Deliberative, Restorative. Must say that's very accurate.
It also appears I'm an introvert, at least that what xxxx personalities" test states ;) (no, seriously... I'm an introvert).

I'm looking for serious relationships only.
Ron RON8634
58 years
175 cm
70 kg
Tel Aviv / Israel
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i am nice loking .and nice person. i am divorced ,loking for serious relatinship.i live in tel aviv area.i have my own app, my own bissiness call me,efes hamesh shtaem shalosh sheva arba echad efes echad sheva god bless you
Atsutoshi ATS7459
51 years
167 cm
58 kg
Kofu / Japan
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Kim KIM1908
65 years
170 cm
74 kg
Perth / Australia
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Hi My name is Kim. I work hard in my business. I am comfortable with my life but searching for someone to share my life with i have been alone long enough. I want someone to share with me honesty kindness caring and endless love and support. in return i will cherish your every second and hopefully make life feel better every day. I like camping, fishing, gardening, traveling. I have no time for scammers so please don't contact me if you are not totally serious.
Mandy MAN9725
47 years
163 cm
67 kg
Tampaflorid / United States of America
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i`m not clean,i`m not prestine,i`m no king,i`m no machine......i`m just him.... and looking for her?????????
Rick RIC4116
62 years
178 cm
98 kg
Sydney / Australia
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i am looking for that Special lady who wants to love her man and is not here just for money but love
If that's you contact me I have a place in my heart for that wonderful person