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David DAV9004
28 years
183 cm
94 kg
Tucson / United States of America
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looking fo a nice girl
Johnny MIC8260
59 years
171 cm
95 kg
Silverdale / United States of America
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Someone who I can trust and will love me as much as I love her. I love long (S) hair (K), long (Y) fingernails (P), dresses/skirts (E), and high-heels :) Loves to cuddle!!
Jon JON2486
54 years
176 cm
63 kg
Singapore / Singapore
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I appreciate honesty and I will observe the same.

Let’s see where destiny take us to.
Mike MIK5956
52 years
180 cm
86 kg
Heidelberg / Germany
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Hey Ladies,let's just have a look what happens. Not only few crazy adventures resulted in serious relationships.... who knows. Love to read from you. Dear greatings from southern Germany. :-)

PS: thanks for sending me your details via message here. Please note, that this straight information will be filtered as soon as it is recognized by the system as an mail adress e.g., so I will not be able to answer.
Well, it is a riddle, how they do that ...
btw... how about sending me a riddle about that to solve. I love riddles ;-)
Paul PAU4815
65 years
174 cm
101 kg
Cranbrook / Canada
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I am very out going and sociable. I like sunrises and sunsets, a nice quite walk on the beach with a special someone, a good bottle of wine, reading books, watching chic flics...LOL and laughing.

I love all sports, being physically active, and a good workout- whatever that may entail!

I like a woman who is self confident, knows how to take charge, but likes to be cuddled!

AND of course, someone who likes most of the above.

HUGS paul
James JAM8897
69 years
172 cm
91 kg
Phoenix / United States of America
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Native American, 67, nice looking,quiet to a fault, financial trader, lives in Arizona. Might consider relocation to Philippines or? Looking for honest, loyal conservative lady. Tiger in private. Well behaved children are ok. May travel to Clark, Subic Bay, or? in 2020.
Jon BUF4734
44 years
175 cm
82 kg
Buffalo / United States of America
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Hi, seeking someone cheerful, someone vivacious and upbeat. An asian girl who is optimistic, polite, and sweet, even shy! Thank you for seeing my profile...please ADD ME, as a contact, so we can chat.

I'm in NY, so our hours are different--to find me, I'm usually on during the weekend mornings (night time for you, after 9:00 pm).

I'm seeing a submissive asian girl who wants a White Man who will lead her, and be in charge--a girl who likes putting her Man first, and will please him, not undermine him.

I'm hard-working, traditional, and a good leader. If this type of relationship is what interests you, please message me, and add me as CONTACT, thanks. Hope we can chat soon :)
Tukey TUK3637
60 years
191 cm
115 kg
Grand Rapid / United States of America
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I am fun loving kind gentleman looking for a nice Asian girl
Edward EDW8709
45 years
183 cm
72 kg
Tipperary / Ireland
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Please only contact me if you don't want children. I love kids but i don't want any and i have 4 nieces and i have no money. I have my house and car. I'm a nice guy. I'm really funny. I'm a disabled guy but it's only the legs that's going over a period of years. I like to sing and play guitar. I'm not interested in 'having fun' im looking for someone serious about a relationship. If you are interested please chat, if not please leave me alone. Thank you Ed
Pete PET2999
74 years
181 cm
85 kg
Vienna / Austria
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A very friendly Hi to a possible new nice friend or a beloved new victim (hahahaha)

Its a little short description about me. so you can see how good we can have a understanding or ….
xxxx English goes now really much better now but not perfect. I learn it every day Little,
I hope you can it understand me enough. Maybe I write it false so please forgive me, if a had done a xxxx am primary interested 1st on real full lovely friendship, maybe we can found later a
deeper feelings between us, that will be great

I don’t know what I should write about myself, I try it: born April 1946, I am a Taurus, chinese a dog
I am quiet and active. I love smile and laughing.
Money, profits are not really important for me. Important is inside warm heart and soul.
Any kind of moving, sport is important for me and my health & my mind, f.e.: tennis, golf, archery, badminton, bowling, mountain biking, climbing, swimming, and now golf

music is also important for me. Special nice normal music with good instrumentation with good guitar, good voice; new age, dire straits, old soul, pink Floyd, dire straits, vollenweider, enya and all soft music with good melody’s,
I love “hotel California, house of the rising sun, Celtic songs,
I only like & can dance Salsa, Merenge, Bachata, i love this. But had practice it no longer time.
But its very good for mind and body, especially for the middle-back, the spinal column.

i am in retirement, since 2006. So i have much time to live without stress. i live now like a cat: - eat, move, play any things and sleep. is this a good, what a wonderful feeling! But playing alone is grrrrr

Where I will live in the future is don’t know, I am open for all places; I love every place where I can feel at home.

I hope you had fun by reading it

Lovely greetings


I had lost my greatest love on 3.6.2014, she sleeps away, after 9 wonderful years, she was and is the most important girl what I had seen in my life, after useless fight against Brest cancer.
it goes now, better again, slowly but forward
My new forward interests in Golf helps me good to see the world again, thanks for reading all and understanding

Ttomi TTO8470
62 years
168 cm
63 kg
Losangeles / United States of America
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I like Karate and marine sports, so if my partner has the same interesting, I'm happy. I hope an e-mail friend with my partner at first. I plan to visit Cebu Island for diving.
Lyndon LYN3656
66 years
186 cm
81 kg
Chch / New Zealand
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Hi, Just looking for my soulmate like 99% of all the other members here :)

Some Beautiful Lyrics from a favourite song....Enjoy

I care, youre the one I wrap my soul in
I swear, youre a tenderness worth holding
Some nights, are much too warm to say goodnight in
Your eye`s, I cant stand to watch them crying
Oh no, I`d never leave you that way
Hold on, I`m just a breath away, when you need me

You light a candle in your heart, send it like a telegram around the world
And when I close my eyes, I`ll see it shine, if you wonder just how true Love can be
Light a candle in your heart for me

Pure gold, like the love that you awaken
Unfolds, like a summer morning breaking
Oh no, I`d never leave you that way
Hold on, I`m just a breath away, when you need me

You light a candle in your heart, send it like a telegram around the world
And when i close my eyes, I`ll see it shine , if you wonder just how true Love can be
Light a Candle in your heart for me
Light a candle in your heart for me
James Sarmiento JAM9224
67 years
173 cm
73 kg
Vancouver / Canada
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very straight-forward...loves dancing/singing/nigthlife...loves to be partner with a little bit of everything...respectfull and lots of common sense...very religious and righteous...
Tim TIM8041
49 years
178 cm
88 kg
Columbus / United States of America
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I am a good man looking for a good woman for my life. If you have children I will treat them as my own. I also have no problem relocating to your country. Please no games.
Bobby BOB7591
52 years
172 cm
73 kg
Bakersfield / United States of America
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Honest respectful and loyal.
Peter PET2461
42 years
178 cm
88 kg
Uppsala / Sweden
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Search for serious relationship.
Can't read private info.
Need try other way.
Efe EFE6724
67 years
178 cm
84 kg
Rapperswil / Switzerland
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just I want have a sincere communication and contact with asian women for friendship...
Clark Loyd CLA9194
60 years
185 cm
106 kg
Phoenix / United States of America
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I am a good hearted man that loves to give. Easy to be with , I love to laugh and make jokes but can be serious when need to be. I enjoy being outdoors and I prefer the beach and summer time instead of mountains and winter. I have goals in my life I wish to obtain and someday retire in Phils or a tropical island.
I like to explain a few things about this website, first.... guys that don't have paid time can only send a generated pre written message after the person he likes sends a message first , and there are about 5 messages that he can choose from. After the female has " chipped " him, he can send any message he writes. The only other way a man can write a " free-form " message is if he has paid time on this site. So ,if you get a message thats repeated over and over again , that only means the person doesn't have any paid time but does have a interest in you and you should " chip " him if you like him . Thanks !!
Jack JAC6505
68 years
183 cm
109 kg
Abington / United States of America
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I am a very kind, romantic man, intelligent, adventous, Love life, Have no vices, Want to meet & marrry a girl who will love me for who I am, With family values. Who loves nature, ocean, travel, most a loving poetic life!!! Please write & lets know each others soul ???
Mariusz MAR74522
45 years
179 cm
88 kg
Lodz / Poland
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miła szczupła dziewczyna