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Gernold GER4643
64 years
179 cm
75 kg
Zwickau / Germany
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Klaus KLA6375
55 years
187 cm
83 kg
Bochum / Germany
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Ich liebe Musik.Spiele Gitarre .Lese gerne.Bin ein eher geselliger Typ.Liebe asiatische Frauen mit langen schwarzen haaren etwas dunkeler Hautfarbe
Robert ROB6110
73 years
183 cm
96 kg
San Antonio / United States of America
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I am a university graduate. I like to go for long walks, read, do research. My interest are current events, history, sociology and anthropology. I am looking for a good friend who will be my companion.
Sjaak SJA5586
77 years
170 cm
90 kg
Doetinchem / Netherlands
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i will live in phils
and marriage
only serious message
Plomeros PLO7526
49 years
182 cm
98 kg
Stockholm / Sweden
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I am Peter a Swedish gentleman with a successful company that i own and run. I am traveling a lot all over the world. Now i am tired of being alone and wish to meet a young good looking intelligent woman with a good heart. I live in Spain and Sweden. I am very kind and i have Spanish background.
I sport alot and care about my style and body.

Love dancing salsa and cumbia. I also got motorbikes and love speed
Because i live alone and travel a lot i miss someone in my life, its hard to be a single father. I am looking for a kind and romantic beautiful woman to share my life. All the best from me
Johnny JOH7115
62 years
181 cm
98 kg
Gothenburg / Sweden
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I am a generous man with a warm personality.
My first priority will always be the family, and I want a woman who feels the same.
Inigo INI7205
43 years
172 cm
82 kg
Honolulu / United States of America
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outgoing,friendly and be able to adapt in stressful situation. Looking for the right gal that is not scared in trying new things.
Cesar CES7012
42 years
168 cm
69 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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Hello I'm from Los Angeles CA. Looking for a friend to talk and get to know maybe it leads to something?? I work in hospital and have my own business in Screen Printing.
Ron DAV1585
50 years
178 cm
82 kg
New York / United States of America
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Single girl who is compatible in our goals of having a family, loving , faithful, trustworthy and willing to give everything for each other.
Manfred MAN7435
62 years
183 cm
75 kg
Ingolstadt / Germany
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Love, care, compassion and share!
Dayli a smile in your face and Kisses!!
Jaime JAI2901
69 years
170 cm
67 kg
Toronto / Canada
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Funny hardworking friendly and sports minded
Callan CAL9913
42 years
184 cm
93 kg
MANILA / Philippines
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i am no longer looking....have found the the woman i will marry :) i found her on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcom ...hope you all find the person you are looking for :)
Andreas AND1392
60 years
174 cm
62 kg
Bern / Switzerland
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My name is Andreas , 59years old. I had Accident 30 years ago , now I am paraplegic. I live alone, have my own business.
in February 2019 I will come to the Philippines. From Manila one week lill North, one week lill South. I look for a nice place for my future. I would like to meet a nice Lady, first for to know eache ather.
Thomas THO8121
77 years
156 cm
78 kg
Tasmania / Australia
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Frank FRA8106
55 years
194 cm
90 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Hi, I am not a paying member so I can write no mails and answer. Please only women from 1.70 m body size writing, thank you!
Peter PET9527
61 years
167 cm
64 kg
Kalkar / Germany
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Hello, Ladies. I'm here to find a little, small and attractive woman for the rest of my life.
the age is not so important, i think, the important facts are harmony, open mind and so on. You know, what i will say.
I'm 61 years young, not old and I looks younger as my really age. My friends said to me, that I'm a big child. I have different hobbies: restoring old cars, listen music, restoring music from old labels, playing drums, reading books, watersport and sailing and I like selfhomeworking.
I like cooking and I hate ironing. Important: I like kids very much.
More you can hear later

Goodbye Peter
Glenn GLE2661
65 years
171 cm
85 kg
Jeffersonvi / United States of America
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Dear FK members,

Please read my profile and if you think we are a match let me know how, and I will respond in kind and don't just say Hi. I'm looking for just one to be my wife, my heart to freely give if we match. Aye, but there is the rub, match we must.

I have been married to a Filipino for 25 years, but sad to say, it has ended. My wife no longer wants to make love to me. She gives all her love to our 18 year old daughter, leaving none for me. I've been separated since August 31 when my daughter and ex moved out, and divorced since October. This time I am committed to finding my partner that matches me in the major constructs of life.

Is there no one like me, faithful, responsible, but loves to make love to the one they are married to???????

I'm searching for someone twenty two to 45 who is not overweight. No gold diggers or liars need apply. I want someone of good character and stable; who believes in God, is faithful, and without drama. What I offer is the same, with the added bonus of once we are married, I will never cheat. As an example, it has been over two years since my ex-wife has made love to me. However I have not stepped out to find another because I am not looking for a one night stand, but a wife who loves to make love. If you have children, I will come to love them as my own in time.

I am not into short or long term dating, for I am looking for someone who could come to love me enough to be my wife or in a forever monogamous relationship, and of course my match. Some women want a more stable monogamous older man maybe that is you. I am rock solid stable, weathered by the flow of a cold love. I live on a tree farm (sad to say, most, but not all, trees will be cut in the next 30 days for it is a farm), 80 acres and have 40 chickens, 8 goats, and two dogs. I was married to my ex Filipino for 25 years without ever stepping out on her, and we have been apart for over a year now, and I still have not made love to another woman. We divorced because she lost her love of me, and we fought all the time. I am not a fighter, but a very good lover. I will love to make love to my wife almost every day using all her holes. I am seeking a monogamous relationship with someone like yourself. Sometimes you can kiss a frog who turns into a prince, other times it is just a frog. How many frogs have you kissed? The life I offer is that of living in nature and helping to take care of the animals consisting of dogs, chickens, and goats. Maybe not exciting enough for you, but stability, monogamy, and honesty comes with it. I can send you more information if you send me a message to me or here. I wait for your answer.

I live on a farm in the country with 40 chickens 10 goats, and two dogs. So for those who love the city life; that is not a match for me. I love living in the country with a family, and I have no interest in the party life or malling. My partner must want the same thing. If not from the country, she must be willing to learn to love living there. I have a lake behind my home that you can fish in as much as you want to, and there is nothing better to eat than fried/baked, fresh caught fish.

I am not looking for a perfect person, just someone who is a perfect fit for me. Who will love me unto death, as I will her. No drama, no lies, no duplicity, no stepping out in times of trouble, and smart. These words are just a small slice of me; do you want to see the rest of me? If you do, then write to me with who you are looking for, and not just say Hi. No effort means no reward. Glenn
Yana YAN5282
37 years
181 cm
70 kg
Sydney / Australia
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Hey there, marriage proposal has brought me here, i do not wish to waste everyones time and only people who are serious about this need to contact me, so im looking for a partner whose willing to relocate to australia.
Jerry JER3873
64 years
182 cm
84 kg
Bellingham / United States of America
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I am a very good and decent man looking for a very good woman to love and care for forever.
Finn Norling FIN9602
70 years
173 cm
73 kg
København K / Denmark
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very good look