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Dominik DOM5276
48 years
177 cm
87 kg
Camburg / Germany
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Looking for a serious relationship.
Max MAX3655
64 years
178 cm
78 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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I like to travel and meet people
Joseph JOS7138
32 years
175 cm
109 kg
Portland / United States of America
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I am a gentlemen who is looking for a serious relationship/ soulmate.. I am kind and like making others laugh.. I love wahtching TV and playing sports.. Please message me if you want more info about me.. I would to get to know a lovely girl on this site.. I have xxxxxxxxxx page so we can communicate better.
Svein Terje SVE9498
52 years
174 cm
72 kg
Nærbø / Norway
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I am not a gold member, but maybe you can find me on social media.
Olliug OLL7575
56 years
178 cm
79 kg
Miami / United States of America
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male here open mind looking to make asian xxxx
Mayoyvrgmail MAY3214
66 years
164 cm
57 kg
Vancouver / Canada
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Simple lifestyle
Rich RIC9262
59 years
176 cm
104 kg
Deerfield B / United States of America
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I'm from the USA but currently working and residing in Mexico. Yes, you can travel to Mexico!!
PLEASE READ: I quit looking for a wife. I'm not even looking for a long term relationship anymore. I'm looking for a very petite lady that knows how to say yes. If I ask you out for pizza... SAY YES!! If I ask you to go for a ride on the Harley... SAY YES! If I ask you to do something romantic FOR GODS SAKE SAY YES!!! SAY YES!! Just sayin.
Richard RIC3887
70 years
183 cm
120 kg
Phoenix / United States of America
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basically just an easy going guy looking for about the same in a partner,not one to get excited about things in life we can't control . am retired/disabled [much more on the retired than disabled part] thats why the others were checked on the employment part of profile . looking for that long lasting relationship,hopefully marriage some where down the road. about it for know except not that interested in youngsters , prefer older woman over 45 years old . take care ..hope to figure this site out and be able to contact you soon !...rick
Timi TIM2887
58 years
181 cm
92 kg
Savitaipale / Finland
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Looking only friends to chat and e-mailing about life.
I can offer only friendship, nothing more...
Dieter DIE7998
56 years
178 cm
69 kg
Saal / Germany
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I let myself be surprised
Andrew AND8462
47 years
183 cm
88 kg
Saint John / Canada
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I am a very confident, devoted, hard working, respectable, trustworthy. friendly Canadian.

I think very highly of my friends and family. Also, I am community orientated and enjoy working with youth in sports.

If you would like to know more feel to ask ... I am an open book as I have nothing to hide ...

Thanks for reading my short profile.
Jerry JER9300
63 years
178 cm
73 kg
California / United States of America
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I am intelligent, motivated, generous, caring, and am always honest and will let you know my true feelings. Those that I am close to consider me loyal and are thankful to have me as a true friend. There is also a serious and responsible side of me that ensures that I have all my priorities of life in order. I am a friendly, funny, and approachable guy who loves to laugh and have fun. It is important for me stay active, physically fit, and mentally sharp. I am looking for a long lasting relationship with a special lady, a woman beautiful on both the inside and outside. My search is for a person that has a compatible outlook and with whom I can share their passions, and they mine. The ideal match would be someone that is romantic, upbeat, has a positive attitude, continues to progress in life, and is serious, but loves to have fun.
Tony TON4304
60 years
175 cm
72 kg
Milano / Italy
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Dear Ladies,

Looking for a woman traditionally minded interested in having a true relationship leading to whatever we decide it to be.

No games.

Michael MIC7436
57 years
173 cm
79 kg
Seevetal / Germany
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I am looking for a rose in my life, the true me, accompanied understanding, honest and trustworthy through life. Maybe you're the lucky one then that will bloom at my side?

This is the romantic question from me, which I have asked of you.

I would be very happy if I get a serious partner, because I had been disappointed in the past.

My partner should be trusting, loving, cheerful, independent and loyal.
My partner should also have understanding, that I am hearing impaired and can not therefore necessarily calls - especially if anyone often speaks softly and in a different language such like English.

Most important for me is, that love, warmth and soul are there from both sides, and that comes in the partnership can coming to a lasting success.

First I want to build a friendship with mutual pleasure, that can lead to a marriage.

Women who request early just after financial aid need not to contact me. I am a simple employee and not a millionaire. But if we build a wonderful friendship over a longer time, have mutual interests, have come to know each other better and so soon the love is coming, so we can save for our visiting and personal knowing :-).

I am pleased for your speedy answers and we can also :-).

Greetings and take cares,
Dave DAV7362
72 years
178 cm
73 kg
Davao / Philippines
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I am a happy go lucky kind of guy, looking for someone of the same nature.
Mike MIK5346
52 years
180 cm
75 kg
Toronto / Canada
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I am looking for a nice filipina women, preferably in the toronto canada area to have a serious relationship with leading to marriage. If you are interested in a clean cut, well educated man with a good job, please contact me. I am waiting to hear from you!
Charles CHA6644
73 years
178 cm
89 kg
Adelaide / Australia
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easy going , enjoys life
Hallaljames HAL7467
58 years
171 cm
89 kg
Slidell / United States of America
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I wish all the best in our search!!Life is so short so we must do what is best and will make our life happy so at the end of the day, you will not regret anything for your life!! And for me it's my time to Hopefully find a man whom I could enjoy my life with and spent my life with..who will keep ...P.S.When you say you're serious, please prove it until forever, if you say you love a person please prove it by actions not just words, they said promises are made to be broken but I think it's true!!it's so painful when u hold on to a promise yet he chose to break it And leave you alone hangin...
John JOH7122
71 years
181 cm
90 kg
Waipio / United States of America
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older single man
polite clean and happy
Gwendell GWE9618
59 years
193 cm
103 kg
Willemstad / Curacao
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i need a lady smart honest also understand life ,,with good soul and heart and love god