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David DAV3295
57 years
186 cm
79 kg
Orlando / United States of America
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I am actually new here and hoping to meet the right woman here. I am currently single and ready to have a partner.
Sean BAS4779
40 years
190 cm
83 kg
Mobile / United States of America
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I'm down to earth hardworking and loyal. I'm looking for a wife or companion with goals that doesn't mind living in the U.S.. I'm a electrician and I have dogs. If you have a career or going to college I'll stand behind 100% and be your shoulder to lean on bad days. I'm into plump Juicy women that are intelligent and nerdy. I'm family oriented and. And if your family is pushing you to ask me for money on a regular basis to help them instead of focusing on building then I'm not the man for you. I don't want a slave or a whore.
Vic VIC4520
54 years
185 cm
96 kg
Biloxi / United States of America
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Captain. Looking for a first mate in life. Needs to love and be responsible . Wanting to marry, have children and live a God fearing good life with a good man.
Hans HAN7178
46 years
180 cm
73 kg
Rottedam / Netherlands
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Hi IM Hans and come from Rotterdam of the Netherlands .
IM not married and have no children , I look for a serieus relationship
Kim KIM1908
65 years
170 cm
74 kg
Perth / Australia
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Hi My name is Kim. I work hard in my business. I am comfortable with my life but searching for someone to share my life with i have been alone long enough. I want someone to share with me honesty kindness caring and endless love and support. in return i will cherish your every second and hopefully make life feel better every day. I like camping, fishing, gardening, traveling. I have no time for scammers so please don't contact me if you are not totally serious.
Zaragosa ZAR7214
56 years
183 cm
100 kg
Killeen / United States of America
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I'm looking for a lady that doesn't play no headgames and who will be faithful to me
Tintin TIN2946
47 years
184 cm
110 kg
Hasselt / Belgium
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Despite the fact that it does not say that much about me, my motto = "Carpe Diem"

I consider myself as a 'normal guy', who does have a good sense of humor. In my limited spare time, I like to be outdoors, to hike or work in my garden. Also spending some time at the movies with a bag of popcorn I will not turn down ;-)
I like to dine, as you can see... and that is one of my hobbies, exploring different cuisines.

More than enough info for the moment, right :-)
Jim JIM9022
65 years
186 cm
81 kg
Manila / Philippines
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Genuine, honest, mature. looking for the woman to hold hands with as we walk down the beach into the sunset
Doug DOU2302
46 years
171 cm
67 kg
Sydney / Australia
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Adventurous, busy, ready, extremely passionate. Looking to take care of someone with a need for lust, love, fun, has a great heart and wants to be treated them in all the right ways.
Antonio ANT6727
54 years
185 cm
93 kg
Puyallup / United States of America
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A fun loving guy looking to make friends.
Paul Dieter PAU1719
71 years
174 cm
76 kg
Göllheim / Germany
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search girlfriend for the rest from my life maybe later marriage...
love sun beach and sea... and swimming in the sea...
love sailyachts...
love rock - soul - reggae music...
love brown skin...
do not smoke. not like beer and hard liquors...

my jobs
graduate engineer, architect and artist for painting... skipper for sailyachts...
Abdel ABD8768
44 years
179 cm
73 kg
Amsterdam / Netherlands
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check me and send me message i wil answer chek here and u know how u can contact me be smart 00....'''31""".....687.......#90####24:.:.:.:.:.:39
Dung DUN7256
29 years
172 cm
68 kg
Sendai / Japan
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Vietnamese guy living in Japan now!
Harald HAR8181
74 years
176 cm
70 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Too young for my age; in addition offering job in medical branch or similar
Luis/jeggie LUI8862
59 years
168 cm
75 kg
Melbourne / Australia
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I'm Already a Happily MARRIED Man and all I want is to TELL others here with my testimony to find their soulmates as I did in this site and to tell everyone to keep searching cause there is love for everyone who wants to find it......

Jeggie and I met at this website in early September 2007, it was one of the greatest things that happened in my life, She was the sweetest person I ever met and soon after meeting her online she made me feel that she was the one person I have been looking for so long to complete my life, we chatted for many hours in the weeks that followed our first meeting online, and it took 2 weeks of talking and exchanging ideas and knowing each other, for me to realize that she was the one I wanted as my partner, I had planned to visit Philippines in December 2007 and we agreed to meet in person and to spend time together, I arrived in Cebu City on the 17 of December 2007 to meet her, and at that moment of meeting her in person at Cebu airport, I knew she was the one I will marry and I will share the rest of my life with, Jeggie is the most lovely person I have ever met and that first day together we were really crazy about each other, from the Airport we went straight to Santo Nino to light candles and to thank Santo Nino for granting us with this happiness of being able to meet in person. That first night in Cebu we attended a gathering with all her family at the Larsian in Cebu and there I met almost everyone in the family, her Father, Uncles, Aunties, Cousins, we had a great night out and ended up in a comedy bar with some of her family members, it was a really magic night for me and for both of us. The following day xxxx was the wedding of her first cousin and I was the guest of honor to the party, I did dressed up on the traditional Barong Tagalog and most people even thought I was the one getting married that night, At the reception I was asked to do a speech for the newly weds and at that time we surprised everyone there because we did also announce that we were getting engaged that night, so the celebration was double and also was our happiness, I did ask her father for his permission to marry Jeggie and it was ok to my future Father in law and also to the rest of the family who accepted me as one of their family
It has long been that I have not had feelings as overwhelming as this one and being received and accepted by her family the way they did is something I just can’t forget. We spent lots of time together with Jeggie and she stayed with me at all times for my whole stay in Cebu, Xmas 2007 we stayed at her Auntie’s Merly house and we had a great party with games an lots of fun, well this is in short my statement about Jeggie and I, I may have overlooked a few things and not written down some other intimate moments we shared, but since I came back to Australia I did promise her that I will marry her and we will apply for a fiancée visa so she comes to Australia to become Mrs. Jeggie Ferrada to which she accepted, , our intentions are serious and we need each other to be happy, now we are together again, we live in Melbourne Australia and we are getting married this comming 29th of August 2009 and starting up a new family as this is our greatest dream….Thank You Filipinokisses!!!! and good luck to everyone here, we made it, so you all can do it too...
Mikey MIK3761
29 years
182 cm
80 kg
Darmstadt / Germany
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im not always here so if you like you can send me your number and we can talk xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
Bob Ganesh BOB3393
57 years
176 cm
95 kg
Auckland So / New Zealand
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honest,caring,faithful,down to earth,simple,attractive,slim,nice features,nice figure,always smiling
Daniel DAN1512
38 years
172 cm
68 kg
Cork / Ireland
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Normal girl
Oman HAT2483
29 years
146 cm
60 kg
Omam / Oman
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xxxx g. mail. Bab rrh gdyb igbvg
Stefano STE3718
62 years
171 cm
66 kg
Rome / Italy
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I'm crazy about women who practice, or love, martial arts, and for women who, in the summer, like place your feet comfortably on the dashboard of the car, and who like to walk barefoot in the house !!!

The main picture of mine has been taken on August 2014.
...here is the story of Stefano, who loves to talk .... to speak .... to listen to, as well as limestone theater scene !! I'm sensitive, communicative, outgoing, full of enthusiasm at the prospect of new goals / objectives / challenges / projects, with great confidence in myself, willing to recognize my mistakes and to put into question, viscerally open to dialogue .. ... I love, and I know, listen .... always determined in wanting to reach the goal I ... I do not love bully others .... I love externalize my emotions and try to ...... make sure that there is always a consistent cascade between what I think, what I say and what I do! last but not least of course, I love to communicate my emotions with the language of the eyes.

Three things attract me so irresistible in a woman's body ...... what? eyes .... feet (great !!) .... and hands!

I dedicate it to my daughter, I do theater after my work, swimming, scio and do gymnastics.

I like to attend theaters, restaurants, concert halls, exhibitions - As destinations, prefer: Europe, United States.

I could not do without: my daughter, theater, dialogue and to listen to what others have to tell me concern.

Currently I spend, despite being from Rome, around 20 days a month in Milan for work purposes; for this reason I live in Legnano in those days. In the remaining 10 days of every month, return, and I live in Rome.