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Je JER7027
45 years
186 cm
98 kg
New Mexico / United States of America
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Searching for the one I'll spend the rest of my life with. I like holding hands, hugs, kisses, cuddling and making love. I'm a romantic and very affectionate. I like to live in the country where there is nature and quiet. I want a woman that doesn't play games. She must make her man feel like the most important person as I would do the same for her. I am a homebody and like to spend the night life at home. Sometimes I travel. I don't want women who look for money.
Joseph JOS6388
57 years
199 cm
125 kg
San Francis / United States of America
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First off im looking for a LADY and i like the asian ladies as they are great care givers, and are very loyal. thats at least some there are others that are deceitful that i dont want if you are that stay away from my profile ill only delete your visit to my profile. im not looking to have more children or a new family i have kids already. i like travel and I LIKE BEER so you most be able to drink with me in our travels. i have a new small snake breeding business i am starting if you fear snakes then im not your husband then GOT IT !! i need a hard worker and not a lazy xxxxx woman want man to always give her money and xxxxx . im looking for a wife a love and a friendship FOREVER!
Douglas DOU9218
65 years
175 cm
93 kg
Tampa / United States of America
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Hello, I am a nice man who is now retired and ready to start a new part of my life. I want to find a lovely woman who is happy, fun, good communicator, honest and very loving for a serious long term relationship.
Donovan DON5578
51 years
171 cm
69 kg
Bordeaux / France
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be cool
Klaus KLA8202
69 years
179 cm
79 kg
Nürnberg / Germany
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Hello, my name is Klaus. I'm from Germany and after a more than 25-Years happy relationship I have been single now for 7 years. As co-owner and headmaster of a wellknown Academy for Stage Dance I quit my job last year and sold all my properties here. I'm tired of being alone and longing for everlasting love based on mutual attraction, respect and reliability. I'm honest, caring, understanding and will share all I have with the woman, who loves me. I like music and arts. Now I consider to retire and settle down somewhere with warm climate and nice beaches, when I find my beloved woman who likes sharing her life with me as her soulmate, protector and lover. With 70+, but healthy in good body conditions, neat and fit, good sense of humour, openminded, interested in fine arts and music, as I was professionally working in the field of dance and movement education, I'm still basicly attracted by beauty, which results of a smiling soul and a natural moving body. When we share our lifes in love, let us have fun together. I really will make You happy - with mutual respect, understanding, tenderness and sweet carresses. Come with me and let's start to walk together - at the sunny side of the street ...

(Those, who intend to "check the seriousness" of my search, asking to send them or their friends money for flowers, or the hospital costs of parents or uncles, or to install an internet access (for video-chat!): this will not work - as long as we do not know each other in person. Lets find each other - but without a bad intention.)
Holger HOL8154
63 years
186 cm
90 kg
Grandola / Portugal
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what I wish a nice woman with a heart in here breast, faitful, honest and loving, many things more but in the Moment I'm not a gold client sorry I can't answer but if you want send your email and I wish that you can get a Visa to go to europ Kiss
If You can to Europa I will the best Payrtner You Can get Holly
Vernon VER1166
42 years
171 cm
62 kg
Milpitas / United States of America
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I like toTravel, fine dine and wine, enjoy life and be happy and healthy ,love peace and good music
Chance CHA3608
67 years
186 cm
116 kg
Everywhere / United States of America
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four things that begins to describe who and what i am as a person

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.Some like the shinny objects or pretty faces, their both nice and says very little

I don't go where the path may lead, instead i go where there's is no path and leave a trail. There nothing wrong with staying on the path, good thing can happen, i like pushing myself when i can and the path can be constraining at times.

I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done,I'll never do or see it all, no one can but i like trying

And lastly' I've learn that talent is God given (unfortunately i don't have much, so be humble, fame is man given so be thankful and conceit is self given so be careful, a little conceit goes a long way and the world suffers to many fools as it is

I am a small business man, a amateur photographer / videographer with a active life style, and i seek someone with a positive outlook for friendship and possibly more

They say your only as young as you feel, .. well i was young once and it was nice but im not trying to relive my youth again lol, im older now and its way cooler.

have a bless day.
Robert ROB6770
55 years
175 cm
70 kg
Oneonta / United States of America
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spent last summer in the philippines, cebu and san carlos,negros occ...had a great time.. can't wait to go back again..need a double yumyum from jolliebee's,hehe... any ways,want to know more about me, just ask..but keep it found me, now help me find you !!!
Paul PAU5668
60 years
176 cm
76 kg
Sarasota / United States of America
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good sense of humor, caring, hardworking,loyal,intelligent, animal lover,sports lover, looking for an emotionally stable woman between the ages of 32 and 48
Alex ALE9048
60 years
178 cm
81 kg
Edinburgh / United Kingdom
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hi I'm single no kids I like sport holidays going out with friends music
Jürgen JUR2442
63 years
167 cm
64 kg
Erlensee / Germany
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I am a sympathetic, faithful, honest, have good manners, good sense of humor, masculine ..... I am looking for a partner. Female, caring, honest, thoughtful, good sense of humor, being a family
Will WIL5891
50 years
175 cm
85 kg
Detroit / United States of America
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i.m a nice good lookin man that has a heart and very honest and hopeing the one 4 me...
Billy BIL7326
84 years
180 cm
65 kg
Houston Tx / United States of America
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I am a Black American with considerable financial assets seeking a young or older Filipana female friend for a relationship that can lead further. She can have children.
James JAM2193
54 years
194 cm
112 kg
Camden / United States of America
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I am a fun person to be with. I like anything out doors. Realy would like to find the women of mu dreams.
F FRE2842
47 years
173 cm
73 kg
Seminole / United States of America
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I am adventurous and spontaneous and have a great sense of humor. I am outgoing and would like to meet someone with the same qualities. My friends would say I am funny or always laughing or smiling. I enjoy all outdoor activities. Life is too short so live it to the fullest. If you are willing to try new things, and have a great time dont hesitate to message me!
Theo THE5679
55 years
186 cm
101 kg
San Francis / United States of America
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Single mature man looking for a long term relationship.
John JOH3229
67 years
178 cm
99 kg
Moore / United States of America
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I like going to church on Sunday. Looking for marriage, spend most of my time with someone.
Ad ADB3857
68 years
183 cm
80 kg
Makati / Philippines
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Thanks for visiting my profile.
married, naughty and honest.
my wife is my best friend.
Just looking for friendship.

yes we can be friends.

I'm still living in the Netherlands but looking for a place to settle in the Philippines after retirement. That will be in 2018. The best place would be near friends and a nice beach. In the meantime I like to travel around the Philippines. You won't find me in the big resorts, I've seen them and prefer to be a lot closer to ordinary people where I feel at home and not a fat wallet.

Horst HOR4573
74 years
177 cm
68 kg
Munich / Germany
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I am a kind, honest man and submissive man, looking for an open minded woman.