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Dennis DEN7237
64 years
191 cm
129 kg
Montgomery / United States of America
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Looking for honest woman, (no scammers) someone which can be happy and appreciate simple but maybe better life. I may be big and ugly with pure heart of gold or maybe the one your parents warned you about, send me message to find out truth??
I do not act my age trust me, in good health and no medicines.
Oh and about the not being clean shaven (hair on face) well I am currently in an area where it is cold and the hair helps to keep the face from getting chapped. Most time you would see me clean shaven especially in hot climates
Currently waiting to see If I want to be a Gold Member here cause not sure if this is a site full of scammers or not, so cant reply to emails really, so only the Site Computer Generated responses. There are many ways to find me if you really want to talk to me but give me a week or so before I make up my mind if I want to become a Gold member here.
have a lovely day
Big D
Ricky Warsaw PL RIC8708
58 years
178 cm
90 kg
Warsaw / Poland
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I'm intelligent, conservative, good humored, diligent, honest.
Please read carefully and with understanding :)
Find me on S same full nick [if u manage that it will go a long way towards my highest regard]
Looking for a sweet, pretty, bright, loving Filipina NBSB to marry...
BTW, one photo is not enough to get an idea of your looks, so please do make the extra effort and upload more...
Does anyone read this, THINK and understand? :)
If that's too hard I will upgrade to Gold in January
No photos no reply
Sorry, I do not use what's up. See below
Es kay why pee...
Download lite version if u have not already
m e s s e n g e r me ricky warsaw
Dael DAN6650
101 years
175 cm
65 kg
Zürich / Switzerland
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:-) Helloooo .... !

Thank you for visiting my profile.

I am Dani from Switzerland central Europe and I am looking for your love.

I am besides:

• single
• swissmade
• engineer, internet publisher and journalist (if I want, and when it may be, I have a pretty sharp tongue ... )
• while meanwhile a little bit older, I am usually still not estimated more than 45 - rather than vice versa ...
• not hairy, but tenderly, clean and healthy (tested virus free),
• neither stubborn nor wishy-washy,
• with quite good knowledges in french (mainly orally ... ) and lots of fun with conversation - and not only in French ... ; -)
• my favorites:
- love, culture, humor;
- music, photography, design, internet;
- reading and writing;
- travelling, hiking, cycling, flying, skiing;
- outings, food, beverage;
- chatting, laughing;
• some of it you can see at xxxxxxxcom/people/knipsr
• some of it I can also do with my mates company, but for the most important thing I miss:

... a female ...

... to listen, to see, to smell, to feel, to taste, to enjoy and to spoil, yes ...

If you are the woman,
who is looking for an experienced, established, understanding,
exceptional, neither ugly nor stupid lover, friend and partner,
not only for his monetary
and his gene pool (family reasons and so),
that would be greatful ...

Hope to meet you in cam chat soon ...

Thank you ... ... Dani

Please notice:

Actually I am not a so called gold member any more, and I don't intend to become one again soon, for several reasons, that's why I can't get new contacts by myself, sorry about that inconvenience.

You can mostly meet me online (your time):
monday/tuesday/wednesday/thursday: from late night until early morning
friday/saturday/sunday: from early afternoon until early morning

I will not spend weeks and months typing and not seeing.
I want to see the one who I am trying to know better.
Uwe UWE6505
53 years
183 cm
95 kg
Dresden / Germany
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David DAV1908
60 years
177 cm
82 kg
Hemet / United States of America
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would like to meet someone to share my life with
Joseph JOS6388
57 years
199 cm
125 kg
San Francis / United States of America
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First off im looking for a LADY and i like the asian ladies as they are great care givers, and are very loyal. thats at least some there are others that are deceitful that i dont want if you are that stay away from my profile ill only delete your visit to my profile. im not looking to have more children or a new family i have kids already. i like travel and I LIKE BEER so you most be able to drink with me in our travels. i have a new small snake breeding business i am starting if you fear snakes then im not your husband then GOT IT !! i need a hard worker and not a lazy xxxxx woman want man to always give her money and xxxxx . im looking for a wife a love and a friendship FOREVER!
Thomas THO4224
30 years
173 cm
68 kg
Oslo / Norway
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Relaxed and kind person.
Like to travel and experience new places and cultures.

Looking for cute and family oriented girl, who loves to cuddle, watch series and like to travel.
Harald HAR8555
58 years
183 cm
89 kg
Saarlouis / Germany
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My name is Haraldschisler. If you speak some German, it would be an advantage. I am only looking for a non-smoker.
Kim KIM3987
69 years
166 cm
70 kg
Sydney / New Zealand
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I am a very happy man. I am a medical specialist and I am 100% Chinese. my nationality is Kiwi and I travel on a New Zealand passport.
I am looking for a simple happy girl from 18 plus to 29 yrs.
I am not looking for career or smart girl because the Lord has blessed me with a good fortune. Ha ha no gold diggers. I can provide for her as long as she knows how to care for her man. If you can win my heart and love I am sure most of your worldly needs will be taken care of. I would like to win your love, heart and soul too.
Romance, cuddling and intimacy mean alot to me and in this my serious last relationship. I am looking for a serious lady, true love and dedication.
Good chemistry is very important and usually we notice this when we first meet.
I am well travelled and educated.
Hope God will grant me this one special lady. I am seeking high and low for you. But if you feel you are the one just say Hi or Hello or Can we talk it further? You need to Try it as you have nothing to lose but plenty to gain.

I am unable to travel to the South esp Mindanao bcos of terrorists group who will kidnap foreigner like me for ransom. My government warns me not to go to Mindanao for my safety.
So we can meet I can fly you up to Manila and back to your home city of course. We can chat on webcam and do video or phone calling.

God bless all of us.
Matthew MAT5571
58 years
184 cm
107 kg
Chicago / United States of America
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Looking to interact with other people who are interested in Christ.
Chance CHA3608
67 years
186 cm
116 kg
Everywhere / United States of America
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four things that begins to describe who and what i am as a person

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.Some like the shinny objects or pretty faces, their both nice and says very little

I don't go where the path may lead, instead i go where there's is no path and leave a trail. There nothing wrong with staying on the path, good thing can happen, i like pushing myself when i can and the path can be constraining at times.

I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done,I'll never do or see it all, no one can but i like trying

And lastly' I've learn that talent is God given (unfortunately i don't have much,..lol) so be humble, fame is man given so be thankful and conceit is self given so be careful, a little conceit goes a long way and the world suffers to many fools as it is

I am a small business man, a amateur photographer / videographer with a active life style, and i seek someone with a positive outlook for friendship and possibly more

They say your only as young as you feel, .. well i was young once and it was nice but im not trying to relive my youth again lol, im older now and its way cooler.

have a bless day.
Michael MIC3100
33 years
180 cm
74 kg
Sacramento / United States of America
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Smart honest loving fun affectionate man looking for love and marriage I love kids too
Manny MAN4094
76 years
171 cm
74 kg
Lahaina / United States of America
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Looking for a well rounded lady that is simple, educated, beautiful,has a good healthy features about her, also domesticated should be able to take care of the family and home life. I would like to be able to share my life with her and family doing things together. I love the outdoors , the ocean, the mountains, and all types of ocean sports. Also very close knit with family & friends always there to help when needed. I am ready to settle down with the woman of my dreams! Is it You?
Ali Abbas SLI9026
51 years
167 cm
82 kg
Tashan / Bahrain
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Looking for serious relationship and long term
Alex ALE9785
52 years
177 cm
82 kg
Fb Jack Joh / United Kingdom
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I need someone in my life who can keep up with my lifestyle and interests, someone who looks good, can hold a good conversation and is good in every room of the house. Must be fit or willing to exercise - it's a big interest of mine, and must be confident enough to take either role in a relationship. I want to hear from you if you want a permanent relationship and if you have a very open mind, ok? FB my profile name if you want to add.
Udo UDO1256
39 years
190 cm
85 kg
Brunswick / Germany
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Hi, i am Udo, from Germany, 39 years old.
I´m responsible, honest, serious, respektful and i don´t xxxxx or cheat others.
I am so far satisfied with my life, but it would be nicer with the right woman by my side.
I want to find a natual, serious woman, for a honest, loyal and respectful lifetime marriage relationship, to start a family, children and to enjoy the future together.
Robbie Butchito RKU2265
52 years
186 cm
95 kg
Seengen / Switzerland
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Hello dear, honest, kind, sincere and beautiful PINAY...

...Yes I mean you! Maybe you are looking for a quiet, nice, sincere, tolerant, sensible, honest and tall Swiss Guy. I'm open minded, kind, nice, passionate, humourous and romantic. Pls write to me, if you want to know me more. I'm happy to hear from you soon and I'll waiting. Dear Regards, Hugs and Kisses.

Bye Sweetheart
John JOH1366
67 years
178 cm
84 kg
Fort Worth / United States of America
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Easy-going, open, and friendly personality. Seeking a good hearted person who, like myself, is genuine and sincere about life in general.
Daniel DAN3499
62 years
165 cm
80 kg
Leeds / United Kingdom
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I'm a nice, single, well-educated guy. I am English, living in England, but planning to move to Spain soon. I am a Christian, easy-going, I love music and the outdoor life. I don't smoke. I would love to meet an intelligent, charming girl aged under 40, from anywhere in the world. Please, no smoking or tattoos.
Andrew AND2791
65 years
174 cm
71 kg
Bendigo / Australia
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you can't have your cake and eat it.