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Micky MIC6378
77 years
172 cm
95 kg
Leeds / United Kingdom
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I am pretty easy going and can be very loving, with a good sense of humour.
I am looking for a sweetie that is easy on the eye and prepared to give and to receive warmth, love and energy.
Hans HAN3211
64 years
174 cm
80 kg
Wittlich / Germany
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Girls first you must take me in your contact then we can chat here. then we can Chat.
im naughty
have s k y p e
Wolfgang WOL3008
52 years
173 cm
75 kg
Bochum / Germany
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Hi, i m a german guy living here in europe/germany and i m looking for a woman who is trustworthy, very loving, very caring, exciting, mentally quite openminded and also very openminded towards erotic adventures and experiances. It would be great if you hopefully have various interests like sports, fitness, dancing and healthy food and health in general. You should be confident and an active type of person please. I hope you will be willing and really like to live with me here in europe/germany. I m not into any games please, coz my time is always a bit limited. My own business keeps me often very occupied and my chosen woman will hopefully accept it and might even like it. May be i will find the right woman on this site here. Lots of kisses to my still to be found woman in life. xxxxxxxxxxx should hopefully be listed on my contact data if you can call it up.
Ilyya KQM5597
45 years
184 cm
78 kg
Moskva / Russian Federation
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Minamahal na mga babae! itigil ang paggawa ng iguguhit kilay! Hindi ito maganda, walang lalaki ang may gusto nito, sinisira mo ang natural na kagandahan! Palihog!
Michael MIC1629
34 years
173 cm
80 kg
xxxxx / United States of America
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I love to travel, watch movies, go out to dinner and exercise. Eating healthy is important to me. I enjoy a balanced lifestyle.
Bao BAO5610
55 years
180 cm
87 kg
Calgary / Canada
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cool guy, easy going, love to laugh, love Jesus, his truth and reality, also love cooking with my girl and eating our delicious creations after ;^)
looking for that one special girl to spend the rest of my days with
love to travel
doing home renovations
sports cars
why are so many Chinese girls atheist?
to not believe in a higher power is silly in my opinion.
there is so much scientific evidence that God exists.
Good luck to all you lovely ladies finding a husband.
Tom TOM1436
38 years
185 cm
75 kg
Sanders / Germany
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I would be happy to find a girl in the philipinnes, and would like to live there, or we find an other place togehter ....somewhere....njean dsmith
Roger ROG1095
73 years
163 cm
90 kg
Kortrijk / Belgium
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im honest and looking for the samer
Mr Taavi YUC6650
65 years
178 cm
78 kg
Kuo / Finland
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Height under 165 cm: No thanks
age: over 40 years: No thanks
children 1 or more: No thanks



Es lebe die Liebe..

Ralph RAL7786
70 years
168 cm
105 kg
Stella / United States of America
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31 yr Army vet. 10 yrs each- Logistics, Medical, Military Intel.
Retired - Kinda like being a teenager - Few responsibilities. Bills are paid. Do the chores and goof off afterwards. With an allowance.

Looking for a tall wife. 5 ft 7 or taller would be ideal. But there are other factors. Ideally, she would be able to get a good job (nurse, tech, etc.) to be able to keep the house when the eventual happens (death).

Daniel DAN3499
64 years
165 cm
80 kg
Leeds / United Kingdom
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I'm a nice, single, well-educated guy. I am English, living in England, but planning to move to Spain soon. I am a Christian, easy-going, I love music and the outdoor life. I don't smoke. I would love to meet an intelligent, charming girl aged under 40, from anywhere in the world. Please, no smoking or tattoos.
Andrew AND2791
67 years
174 cm
71 kg
Bendigo / Australia
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Mary had little lamb
its fleece as white as snow
then she had daughter too...
how she did ??? I dont know .



Sem SAM5166
44 years
169 cm
64 kg
Talisay / Philippines
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Hi ! I hope that I will meet a good girl in Talisai. Information about what girl I want to see next to me (read profile).
Brent BRE3477
44 years
175 cm
81 kg
Del / United States of America
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I'm happy, thankful, hard working. I'm in real estate and a few other things. I'm looking for my Queen. I need a woman that is supportive, understanding, and loving.
Walter KON5234
61 years
180 cm
90 kg
Ruppendorf / Germany
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suche chacha ..melde dich als chacha .
Dave DAV7362
74 years
178 cm
73 kg
Davao / Philippines
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I am a happy go lucky kind of guy, looking for someone of the same nature.
Junjun JUN5006
33 years
175 cm
66 kg
Cebu / Philippines
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Simple and humble....PERFORMER
Erik ERI4092
58 years
201 cm
120 kg
Stockholm / Sweden
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I am looking for a fertile woman with a big heart who loves children who wants to give me children. A woman who wants to move to me in Sweden. Take care of my/our big house and start a big family. A woman who values honesty. a woman who likes big men i am a big man and maby i make fat babies but if you like just send me a note,,and i am a fat man thats why i dont have poto...i will send in your mail if you are interested of me

Tore TOR3007
68 years
183 cm
77 kg
Cha Am Thai / Norway
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LOOKING FOR ENDLESS LOVE:Nice,honest,gentle and caring man is looking for lifetime relationship/marriage.Hope to find my soulmate,bestfriend and only love.Life is short so i am very serious about this,i dont play any games.I am a onewomanman and will stay beside my love at all times.Like a quiet life ,see a good movie,meeting friends or maybe just relaxing with YOU.Sometimes i think its very good to go for a walk or go bicykling . I do not smoke and i am not a big smoker.Hope to see u soon .im norwegian but i live as retired in Thailand , been here since 2018
Horst HOR2830
74 years
172 cm
63 kg
Munich / Germany
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I'm slim, sporty, reliable, passionate and fond of travelling. I'm looking for a loving, caring and faithful lady from the Philippines, who will live on my side for the rest of my life. If we develop affection for each other, I will be ready to visit your place to meet you in person.