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Scott SCO6250
50 years
195 cm
98 kg
Hatteras / United States of America
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Looking for a caring and respectful relationship.
Henry HEN9859
67 years
187 cm
91 kg
Spokane / United States of America
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enjoy outdoor life, considerate, kind, thoughtful, romantic, and affectionate. Enjoy spending time with family. Just bought some land out of state which I plan to do some farming on it next summer. Seeking a woman that puts God first and delights in talking care of her man. I love children and hope to have a home full of love and respect.
Karl KAR7585
60 years
187 cm
97 kg
Tacoma / United States of America
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I don't smoke, I enjoy quiet evenings at home, drives, sightseeing. I am looking for a lifetime love and marriage partner. Someone to share life and my interests with, movies, music, sports and to possibly have children with. Wherever you go I'll be with you.Whenever you need someone to lay your heart and head upon I will be there. Not into games, and it takes time for friendship to grow into love with the right person. I do not feel a person can rush into marriage. So lets be friends and break down the walls and build a peice of heaven here on earth. I believe a relationship needs to have trust, faith and hope to make it work out, with a foundation of communcation and compassion.
Richard RIC6723
43 years
180 cm
74 kg
Arlington / United States of America
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simple man looking for a lovely women inside and out. whos looking to settle down and be my wife and start a wonderful family
Bruce BRU4530
61 years
195 cm
110 kg
Puyallup / United States of America
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I am very strong willed, determined, spontaneous, intelligent, and competitive sometimes to a fault. I'm
just lookin for someone to e-mail or text, share some things. My
great loves are music, reading and music. Although I've been called a gym rat because of the time I spend lifting or running. But after over twenty years in the Army that is part of how you keep your
edge, also you never know when that endurance may be needed. Life
is to be enjoyed, treasured and shared.
Ty TYS5071
57 years
180 cm
82 kg
Swindon / United Kingdom
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I am only a free member here in UK if you are interested in me please MAKE CONTACT then we can talk freely and get to know each other
Robert ROB9566
55 years
186 cm
117 kg
Belding / United States of America
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Just a simple guy looking for significant other. I would like her to be the type of person who knows and is comfortable with who she is. Has a sense of humor and loves life
Winston WIN1853
64 years
178 cm
105 kg
Pittsburg / United States of America
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mY nAme is winston lets cHat On line Ok. same handle as here just add the three at the end. the sevens
Christian CHR1613
47 years
191 cm
91 kg
Rosenheim / Germany
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Hi how are you? Bye the Way my Name is Christian i am 34 Years old was never maried and have no Children. I am looking for a Woman its nice, honest and good to me. I am sometimes in the Philippines for Vaccation. I hope i find of this way my woman for the Live. I like next Year to come back. I like the People and the nature.
if you have interesting in me, pls send me a Message. Thank you for reading. bye
Frank FRA1342
44 years
189 cm
79 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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looking for friendship,age is not important
Amavi AMA5566
51 years
184 cm
77 kg
Hohol / Philippines
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i look for nice friend
Peter PET9527
61 years
167 cm
64 kg
Isselburg / Germany
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Hello, Ladies. I'm here to find a little, small and attractive woman for the rest of my life.
the age is not so important, i think, the important facts are harmony, open mind and so on. You know, what i will say.
I'm 61 years young, not old and I looks younger as my really age. My friends said to me, that I'm a big child. I have different hobbies: restoring old cars, listen music, restoring music from old labels, playing drums, reading books, watersport and sailing and I like selfhomeworking.
I like cooking and I hate ironing. Important: I like kids very much.
More you can hear later

Goodbye Peter
Attila ATT9679
56 years
178 cm
93 kg
Bohol / Hungary
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For 9 years I have been living separately from my old wife, who lives in Hungary. I am here for the 9th time, I love Panglao very much, I have Boholt! I have 3 diplomas, I have a business, but I also get a tranquil because I worked as a teacher and a national leader! I can deny my age for 10 years! I have 3 adult graduate children, 2 girls and 1 boy. One of my daughters is a US citizen, lives there! Swimmers, diving, motorbikes, photographers, painters, etc. I'd like to have a serious relationship with a nice, pretty, honest lady! I can take 1 more kids now! Now I rent a new house for 1 year, with 2 rooms, bathroom, etc. Panglao!Unfortunately I speak little English, but with translater we can speak everything!
Chris CHR6513
54 years
183 cm
85 kg
Honolulu / United States of America
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If you looking for a sugar daddy. Please stay away
Christopher CHR1074
63 years
177 cm
75 kg
Erie / United States of America
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I have always tried to be a kind person, helping others anytime possible. Since a young age I have either worked, pursued higher education, or been in public service. It is time to find a loving wife or companion, and enjoy life. Hopefully I can soon retire, and perhaps have a residence in the Philippines. My experience with Filipinos has been great. A close friend of mine marred a Filipino, which gave me the opportunity to start exploring the culture. Over a twenty year period I have traveled to the Philippines for humanitarian aid, and vacation multiple times. Hopefully I can find someone nice on this site.
James JAM2047
48 years
172 cm
66 kg
Manila / Philippines
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I am not a perfect person. Life just like a roller coasters high and low. There's no perfect relationship in this world but can work out all things together. you are unique so am I. In the relationship it is important is trust, values, respect, help and support one another.
Ken KEN5105
72 years
179 cm
82 kg
Gosford / Australia
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please no internet cafe
can chat xxxxxxxx
Dave DAV4367
69 years
170 cm
68 kg
Beaumont / United States of America
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I need a faithful caring mate .I am the same.
Romeo ROM3183
63 years
165 cm
52 kg
Muscat / Oman
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Basically, I'm an honest person. Loving, understanding with positive ideas. I am a widowed having one adopted daughter and she is already married. I've one son currently studying and he is living with my brother- in-law. By profession, I had finished a mechanical engineering course and presently working in a certain company as plant and equipment maintenance which located in Oman. As the field of mechanical engineering, I have exposed in the field of construction equipment, maintenance, and repair. Hands-on of the diesel engine, particularly in a hydraulic system such as hydraulic pumps and components. I like it because it's a very interesting and challenging job. As of now, I am looking for a girl who is loving, honest, understanding and responsible to be a lifetime partner.
Neal NEA9329
43 years
183 cm
100 kg
Londono / United Kingdom
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