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Wong WON2353
60 years
165 cm
61 kg
Singapore / Singapore
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Like to meet exciting and creative people .
Always on the move but spend much time in music and video entertainment. Need good parner to share and to live happily.
Jim JIM3211
60 years
173 cm
114 kg
San Diego / United States of America
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Pls read carefully, hehehe Hi I am looking for that someone special. I like to KIK around.
I want a partner in life that is willing to explore her fantasies and dreams with me. If this sounds like you please let me know.
I am up for any lady that is willing to accept me.
I am Lookinrund for her so I can chat with her so we can find out if we fit. i want to retire in the phils in xxxxx yrs.
if you like to kik around i am always lookinrund

Ulrich ULR2329
39 years
194 cm
101 kg
Makati / Philippines
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German International Investment Banker. Who I Am: Tall, funny, talkative slim banker. What I Offer/Expect: HONESTY, Generosity, Kindness, Humor, Good Conversation (you too please!), Respect, Easy Going. Treating a lady right.What i Dont Offer/Dont Like: Pushy/Bossy, Possessive/Jealous/Insecure, Crazy/Stress/Drama, 24/7 Attention, Fakes/Poser/Scam (my pics/info are 100% real), NO GAMES/Lies/Tricks, NO FAKE profile, Not rude, Not strict.Who I am Looking For: Simple, Sweet, SLIM, Fun, Easy-going, HONEST girl AGE xxxxx ONLY. Willing to meet up (without bringing friend/bodyguard). NCR MANILA AREA ONLY.NOT looking for escorts, massage, ladyboys, gays ** No golddiggers. I am a Banker, but it doesnt mean I borrow people money. I am a person and not an ATM **About youSimple, easy going, sweet, honest, likes to have fun, low drama. Willing to meet up in Makati (without bringing friend).
Benz BEN9018
49 years
184 cm
97 kg
Montreal / Canada
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am spiritual, religous, and a Christian. I am straightforward, strong willed, and therefore I don't smoke at all,I believe in treating others as I like to be treated; with kindness, courtesy, consideration, honesty, respect, etc. I do not judge others; that is up to God and I am not prejudice unless it comes to someones negative (bad) character and lack of respect, courtesy, kindness, honesty, etc. I view others through their eyes; the windows to their soul (heart) not through their physical features or attributes. Actions speak louder than words with me. Movies Dirty Dancing; Pretty Woman; Save the Last Dance; and Maid in Manhattan. Anything but horror, scary, cult, or bloody movies. Television Seventh Heaven; Hogan Knows Best; Dog, the Bounty Hunter; ER; Deal or No Deal; Cops; Cheaters; and any and all Court and Cooking shows. Books The Bible; spiritual and religious books; books about angels; and psychological books.Heroes God.. Adventurous, Artistic, Wild, Spontaneous, Artistic, Compulsive, Earthy, Easygoing, Flexible, Open-Minded, Eccentric, Earthy, Flirtatious, Playful, Practical, Friendly, Kind, High Energy, High Maintenance, Humorous, Witty, Intellectual, Sensitive, Nurturing, Loving, Outgoing, Practical, Quiet, Shy Romantic, Self Confident, Serious Responsible, Sophisticated, Worldly, Witty, Spiritual, Stubborn,Simple and Talkative, Religious
William WIL6683
67 years
186 cm
94 kg
Philadelphi / United States of America
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I need a woman possibly young enough to give me children---but not necessarily---and old enough to no longer be a child herself. She must love me hard and the rest of our family soft, and both with all her heart. She needs to love letting me please her and then must need me like crazy. She needs to be well presented, but not necessarily be a show horse. She needs to be intelligent, at least somewhat educated and ambitious for herself and her family. She must be courageous and cooperative as a teammate. She has to want to be my teammate in life.

I will love her completely and make as many of her dreams come true as I can. Tell me what you need from me.

Without being disrespectful, I am not interested in anyone who is still a virgin. I want a woman who is an adult and knows something about love and men.

Chance CHA3608
64 years
186 cm
116 kg
Houston / United States of America
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four things that begins to describe who and what i am as a person

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.Some like the shinny objects or pretty faces, their both nice and says very little

I don't go where the path may lead, instead i go where there's is no path and leave a trail. There nothing wrong with staying on the path, good thing can happen, i like pushing myself when i can and the path can be constraining at times.

I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done,I'll never do or see it all, no one can but i like trying

And lastly' I've learn that talent is God given (unfortunately i don't have much,..lol) so be humble, fame is man given so be thankful and conceit is self given so be careful, a little conceit goes a long way and the world suffers to many fools as it is

I am a small business man, a amateur photographer / videographer with a active life style, and i seek someone with a positive outlook for friendship and possibly more

They say your only as young as you feel, .. well i was young once and it was nice but im not trying to relive my youth again lol, im older now and its way cooler.

have a bless day.
Paul PAU5655
50 years
183 cm
74 kg
Scarborough / Canada
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Would like someone honest, affectionate and with a good sense of humour. Would like to start a family so should be good with kids too.
Chris CHR9101
55 years
172 cm
67 kg
Stockholm / Sweden
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Scandinavian, widower, blondie, blue eyes, engineer/technician, With my own company in electronics, (and former musician,)
Seeks sweet & nice family oriented, also fashionable, attractive Lady. In Red Dress for the best of occassions. Make-up daily. No jeans, tattoos or slippers. Thank you .
-Are you still married, widow, divorced, and eldery, matured Lady with responsibility, you are welcomed.

We try to fulfill our life, together Mr.Chris.

Ign IGN7564
43 years
171 cm
79 kg
Schaumburg / United States of America
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I am down to Earth,honest, caring,loving and understanding
Jon BUF4734
41 years
175 cm
88 kg
Buffalo / United States of America
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Hi, please make me a contact, add me as a friend if you wish to talk, thanks!

Good White Man for good asian girl--want serious girl who is looking for long-term and is sweet, shy, and humble. Like asian girls who are modest. I'm a Strong White Man with good heart, looking to lead and create long-term relationship. Ultimately, once we had good relationship, would want you to travel here to US, if we work out. Message me if you wish to talk, look forward to future with you :)
Javed JAV1137
63 years
170 cm
75 kg
Reno, Nevad / United States of America
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iwas a teacher for 15 years.now i have my retail business in usa.looking for good friend and longtime relationshio.
Mike MIK5240
54 years
184 cm
90 kg
Bremen / Germany
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no muslim please.
no bargirls ,no tattoo or red hair.
just normal pretty good girl prefere
Hiromi HIR6714
59 years
170 cm
62 kg
Tokyo / Japan
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Most of my friends would say that I have easy-going personality. I prefer one-on-one dates. I like being with one person when I'm getting to know someone.
Marten MAR89725
68 years
180 cm
70 kg
Gothenburg / Sweden
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I am in the Philippines often.
I am in the sky.
Louis LOU2212
59 years
178 cm
78 kg
Rouen / France
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For those who wants to send me an email plaese read CAREFULLY my profile. I can read your email but I can not answer.

I did not yet subscribe so I can not enter in contact with you except with the default answer "I'm interested but busy". So if I reply with this answer it means you have to find a way to reach me. May be, if I found enought interest into this site I will subscribe.

The more conventional Sky followed by P&E with Id Bareuz. Keep in mind, private data (..) are removed from your mail.

I'm not interested in teenagers. Sorry I'm too old for you, my daugfhter is 21st. So below, says 35, please do not contact me. I will watch your profile but no more.

Keep in mind it is 6 hours earlier in France compared to Manilla. Remind :

Robert ROB2116
58 years
182 cm
92 kg
Brooksville / United States of America
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hello all who stop by to c me ..this will b a way to contact me f u r interested..of course it is my kind of like my name...love to hear from u too..thank you very much.....love Robert
Michael MIC9313
57 years
175 cm
65 kg
Bruchmuhle / Germany
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ich suche dich
Bengt Mård BEN5897
53 years
179 cm
81 kg
Dalarna / Sweden
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hi you can find on fb to
take care
Melescualita MEL5828
40 years
176 cm
70 kg
/ France
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Hello, I'm Mel, honest boy full of energy! I love travelling, movies, sun, snowing and many thing…
I Want to make friends with such as you and I hope to meet here my loving one for a long term relationship.

If you like my profile, drop me a line, we can be friends,and I can guest you in my country,to visit Paris and I can travel to yours if you like, let's know us, and we will see…

I xxxxxxxxx for chatting if u want to know more about me, let's go, don't be afraid
try to add : using my name mel and my nickname escualita and this number seven seven seven to find me...

And a last word… yes, it's me on pict !
Des DES9462
60 years
161 cm
66 kg
Dublin / Ireland
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hi I am a natural healer I have seen real angels and more I feel energy from everything flowers people and everything in this wourld that has energy I am a very good person I am looking for a serious relationship and love and friendship I am a happy and loving person I don't drink or smoke but I am good fun to be with I like to laugh and joke if you are looking for money i dont send money next profile