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Julius JUL4648
46 years
190 cm
96 kg
Helsinki / Finland
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im lookin for real relationship....not online friends.
only serious contacts thanx..
Andreas AND4562
67 years
173 cm
88 kg
Berlin / Germany
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hey..hello ladies,
i am a natur lover , love woods , the sea and the
i am no smoker / no drinker, i am a good cook ,
i love fitness,
if you have little kids/girls, dont worry,i love little kids, its ok for me
hugs and kisses...hope we see us soon

Kalala KAL4495
62 years
155 cm
55 kg
Montreal / Canada
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Je suis un honnête homme très structuré et bien positionné dans ma vie; gentil, généreux et très attentionné à son âme-sœur si y en a une. Je voudrais avoir une relation stable de longue dureelle qui sait ... je voudrais avoir une relation sérieuse avec une personne très aimante.
Paul PAU9688
69 years
166 cm
68 kg
Milton Unde / United Kingdom
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I believe that i'm an honest respectful man generous caring and loving. I'm placid in nature tactile I like equality and open discussion to find mutual agreement to solve disagreement and problems. I don't like at all, lies , deceit or mind games.
Longest LON7176
66 years
186 cm
98 kg
Right Here / United States of America
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I'm a standard member here,name is john doughh, and cannot chat w/you. you'll have to add me as your contact and then I can exchange chats with you, also on eff b too.

I love the pinay mystique. Looking for a charming, stylish, high heels and skirt sort of gal. Let's go for a drive in the evening, put my hand on your knee, or under your skirt, or maybe slip my finger inside you.
My Ideal Person Please... be unmarried,single,available lady who would truly enjoy feeling me inside her.

Jef JEF7389
63 years
173 cm
69 kg
Nukwonago / United States of America
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I AM intereated in most anything thats related to cars and motorcycles.Iam adventureous and am looking for a partner. Hmm that did not sound right. Ah well,
Billy BIL7740
76 years
167 cm
66 kg
London / United Kingdom
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I am very romantic love cuddling holding hands GOD fearing, Hate lies Very active I also goes to the gym 4 times a week love jogging, travelling to nice countries, love sports, and I do like to eat healthy, dresses fashionable I am very easy to get along with always joking and laughing. My biggest hate is people that tell lies once I catch them lying what ever we had going for us it's OVER, also I HATE scammers so be fore WARNED I am very wise to SCAMMERS for I was scammed before
Bidner BID6642
50 years
177 cm
91 kg
Orlando / United States of America
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I am a hardworking, loving man, I love to laugh, have fun, joke. I love seeing people smile. I am looking for a non conventional woman. She knows how to laugh, handle good and bad times. She loves others and her family.

Jason Mraz and Meghan Trainor said it best.

"I wanna be more than friends
I wanna tell everyone you're taken
And take your hand until the end

I wanna be more than friends
At the risk of sounding foolish
I don't wanna fool around no more
If we're gonna do this then let's do this
You can fix my broken heart if it's all yours"

Feel free to ask me any question.
It is 2019, Please have a way we can Text each other, Video & Audio chat. If you are a scammer, please leave me alone.

I live in Florida, I am a NDT Nondestructive Tech/Inspector also QA ( Quality Assurance ); Also I am training to be a CWI.

I do inspections on Bridges, Airplanes, Light poles and more. I plan to open my own company & return back to Florida, I miss the beach and Family/Friends.
James JAM1890
49 years
179 cm
109 kg
Kershaw / United States of America
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Loving and understanding
Jose JOS6909
62 years
173 cm
91 kg
Houston / United States of America
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My name is "jlghouston" and I am live in Pasadena, Texas, U.S.. I am 5'8", weight 200lbs, and divorced without children. I would consider myself an optimism and take things in stride.
I am but looking for a partner to share my life and searching for someone who takes care her of herself and her appearance. Someone who can feel comfortable in a little black evening dress to dressing down in jeans or shorts. Someone who is not afraid to be placed in a social situation, but who is also comfortable staying in home watching TV, BBQing, backyard garthering with our children. Someone who aspires to live life, but who is faithful and honest.
Am I asking for too much???...
Ken KEN8661
56 years
182 cm
90 kg
Springfield / United States of America
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easy going, Yada, Yada, Yada Blah, Blah, Blah....
Rich RIC1674
44 years
174 cm
90 kg
Boston / United States of America
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I am straight forward person who likes to take things in his stride in a very level headed manner. I am adventurous by nature for I like to take up new challenges.. One thing I firmly believe in is that one should always strive towards individual betterment, in whichever form it may be. Therefore I'm never tired of beginning where others end.
Mister V MIS0871
59 years
177 cm
66 kg
Newcastle U / United Kingdom
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Hi Looking to make friends and have good conversations and maybe more for the future.
Rajko RAJ1599
40 years
180 cm
78 kg
Francfort / Germany
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I am looking for single, divorced woman . I am not here for judging anybody...I want honest sincere and caring loving woman who I can build up my own family. I want have kids. I want the woman to come and live with me here. just write me in your text your Messenger HIDDEN pls okay???
Fintan FIN2131
48 years
170 cm
67 kg
Galway / Ireland
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im honest caring good humour hard working looking for honest loving good humour lady who is looking for serious relationship
Nkosi NKO2480
54 years
175 cm
79 kg
Deerfield / United States of America
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I believe in honesty,and being loyal to the one I love.
You can't always get what you want,but if you try sometimes,you get what you need.

To all scammers : Stay the hell away from me. My money is for the real woman that win my heart. NOT YOU!

Väinö VAI8851
63 years
175 cm
80 kg
Helsinki / Finland
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I am teaching biology to medical students, so I have good salary. Christian medical doctor would be my first choice. I am seriously looking for my life partner ! I have attractive appearance and positive view of life. I like to joke and be friendly. I am attletic and healthy. A lie brakes relationship. Trust is the best foundation of love. I like chess, singing. I am easy to talk to. Strong support for my partner.Not aggressive.
Bruce BRU3454
60 years
171 cm
78 kg
Cuba / United States of America
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I'm just a lonely guy living alone. If you hang out in bars and drink then stay away from me.
Javed JAV1137
64 years
170 cm
75 kg
Reno, Nevad / United States of America
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iwas a teacher for 15 years.now i have my retail business in usa.looking for good friend and longtime relationshio.
Harry HAR2534
65 years
186 cm
85 kg
Sjonhem / Sweden
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I hate describing myself.
I can only tell what I think about me but what says that other people are seing me the same way ?
I could write a lot of lies here but what good would that do ? It is better if you form your own opinion about me after chatting for a while.

I want to meet a woman who is intelligent and who has a lot of humour.