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Mike MIK1802
59 years
186 cm
98 kg
Decatur / United States of America
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i am looking for a sincere woman
Bourne BOU0438
25 years
171 cm
37 kg
Healesville / Philippines
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Busy to awnser that
Nkosi NKO2480
54 years
175 cm
79 kg
Deerfield / United States of America
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I believe in honesty,and being loyal to the one I love.
Jan JAN2848
49 years
179 cm
30 kg
Berlin / Germany
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im xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vir VIR9769
26 years
178 cm
62 kg
Vadodara / India
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Im slightly silent type, cute, friendly, open minded, and looking for friends or xxxxxxxdepends.
My partner should be having good nature, good looking and talktaive person.
Gary GAR8670
55 years
196 cm
116 kg
Bowen / Australia
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Just a simple guy looking for an honest trustworthy lady
Ray RAY9744
57 years
178 cm
36 kg
Aberdeen / United Kingdom
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Easy going guy looking for easy going girl
Dennis DEN9429
65 years
171 cm
73 kg
Glasgow / United Kingdom
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I am going to become a paying member for 1 month and hopefully in that time I will find the right woman for me and of course I am the right man for her. Good luck to all on here. XXX
Andreas AND4562
66 years
173 cm
88 kg
Berlin / Germany
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hey..hello ladies,
i am a natur lover , love woods , the sea and the
i am no smoker / no drinker, i am a good cook ,
i love fitness,
if you have little kids/girls, dont worry,i love little kids, its ok for me
hugs and kisses...hope we see us soon

Horst HOR2830
70 years
172 cm
63 kg
Munich / Germany
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I'm slim, sporty, reliable, passionate and fond of travelling. I'm looking for a loving, caring and faithful lady from the Philippines, who will live on my side for the rest of my life. If we develop affection for each other, I will be ready to visit your place to meet you in person.
Mike MIK6275
39 years
185 cm
95 kg
Hiroshima / New Zealand
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Hello im michael david francis, im from new zealand but now living in japan teaching english to children
Im looking for someone loyal loving trustworthy to spend the rest of my life with!! I hope i can find my princess here ;)

I am a qualified firefighter, body guard, and mechanic i have done many jobs in my life, now im looking to have a family and settle down! Mabey you can help me with that! so why dont xxxxx and qq

Èrshí yì jiǔqiān líng sānshíbā wàn jiǔqiān bābǎi wǔshíyī
Eric ERI6426
35 years
187 cm
80 kg
Boise / United States of America
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1/2 german i single I'm not content in life i wanna be truly adored by phill beloved shy man in search of: fun phill lady.
Bob BOB6515
72 years
181 cm
75 kg
Eukey / Australia
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Just want a good lady. Somebody to chat with when I am lonely. I will be in the Philippines in February for a month. Be great to have a soul-mate by then.
Darcy DAR9200
51 years
190 cm
100 kg
Quesnel / Canada
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I own a lot since I was a little child and now my business has grown to a big and successful one but I am not really happy. I want true love happiness and I always lack of it. Can you come into my life, to bring me more happiness? I promise that I will do my very best to be the Husband you desire.If you have kids i love kids!!!especially little girls....

update: i will be in phil in April 2019
Feel free to add me to your contact list
Aamir AAM8139
53 years
185 cm
81 kg
Rawalpindi / Pakistan
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looking for an honest relationship
Michael MIC4276
59 years
166 cm
70 kg
Auckland / New Zealand
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happy family orientated professional
Allen ALL1065
50 years
172 cm
68 kg
Loveland / United States of America
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Tisoy looking for chapter two of life after long marriage, enjoy traveling, dining, golf, flying, boating, meditation, searching, learning, having fun, staying home is fine too, very positive, understanding, open to new ideas.

Seeking someone down to earth, kind, confident, caring, loves to travel, try new things, adventurous, compassionate.

I will give you the world, but only if we are together in-person - no western union games ok...
John JOH1839
82 years
184 cm
90 kg
Dalby / Australia
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honest man looking for a filippina that doesnot lie
i search for a partner to live and love on a farm in australia--would welcome lady with a young child because a child in the house makes it a family..
i am old but experienced in loving and caring and looking after my family. too old to cheat- will love you untill the death do us part thing........... apply here if you want a loving partner and are willing to live in australia
Bernd BER7295
67 years
174 cm
69 kg
Stuttgart / Germany
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please honest and not ask for money
Ed EDV3732
52 years
175 cm
100 kg
Brooklyn / United States of America
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I'm a one woman man. I love a woman who's confident in herself. Knows what she wants and knows how to carry herself as a woman. To me it's important that a woman is beautiful on the inside. Meaning having a good heart. Cause if she posseses a good heart, then her outer beauty will be even more beautiful. If interested, please feel free to contact me by leaving your email contact information or phone number in the subject box, thanks.