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Ty TYT1333
57 years
180 cm
74 kg
Cheltenham / United Kingdom
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I am only a free member here if you want to know me YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE CONTACT WITH ME FIRST then we can talk freely
Mike MIK5346
50 years
180 cm
75 kg
Toronto / Canada
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I am looking for a nice filipina women, preferably in the toronto canada area to have a serious relationship with leading to marriage. If you are interested in a clean cut, well educated man with a good job, please contact me. I am waiting to hear from you!
Jon BUF4734
42 years
175 cm
88 kg
Buffalo / United States of America
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Hi, thanks for looking at me. ADD me as a CONTACT, to talk, thanks--otherwise, I can only "robo-respond"--who wants that, right?

I'm hard-working, good White Man who wants to find the right asian girl--one who is submissive and knows her place. Must be obedient, and want to be obedient. Seeking an Asian girl who is traditional and respectful. Must respect White Men, American. Must desire Man in charge, and submit to him in all ways. Together, we make history. Only message me if you want that lifestyle and are interested, thanks. Serious only please.
Nkosi NKO2480
55 years
175 cm
79 kg
Deerfield / United States of America
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I believe in honesty,and being loyal to the one I love.
You can't always get what you want,but if you try sometimes,you get what you need.

To all scammers : Stay the hell away from me. My money is for the real woman that win my heart. NOT YOU!

Freddy FRE9056
56 years
169 cm
76 kg
Basel / Switzerland
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Hello there and welcome to my Profile. My Profile is a living being and will grow as Time goes by. For now i invite you to leave me a Message if you like. First of all i m using the free message service which is why i can not answer to some of your messages. No idea why. Secondly, please consider my age before writing me. I m looking for a girl between 27 and 39. So if you are below 27 it wont work. Above 39 very difficult too Because I would like to have a family.
That is all for now. Bye bye and hasta la vista.
Christopher CHR2214
67 years
173 cm
78 kg
Davao / Philippines
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Looking for a cheerful, honest lady who is happy with her life and not looking for a sugar daddy
Karl KAR9775
59 years
184 cm
88 kg
Düsseldorf / Germany
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search here only a nice Girl, what is serious and want a relation in the future.
please not a women what have much Chatmates for selection.
i m all years for Business in Phils. next arrive
summerr in Manila makati.pleasem not Girls what like sugar Daddys

Emanuel EMA3597
69 years
176 cm
82 kg
Sydney / Australia
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i am caring person with respect , i believe the truth , i talk straight and open, and i don`t hide behind my finger,
Andreas AND4562
67 years
173 cm
88 kg
Berlin / Germany
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hey..hello ladies,
i am a natur lover , love woods , the sea and the
i am no smoker / no drinker, i am a good cook ,
i love fitness,
if you have little kids/girls, dont worry,i love little kids, its ok for me
hugs and kisses...hope we see us soon

Joshua JOS4279
33 years
172 cm
114 kg
Jacksonvill / United States of America
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Hello, I hope you are having a great day. I will keep this short because I wouldn't want to rob us of good conversations getting to know each other. I am a down to earth guy that just loves to laugh and relax. I do not have time for games and drama. I am all about growing and reaching my dreams and goals no matter what life throws my way. I am a musician that plays several instruments and also a artist/designer. I wear many, many hats but I love it. One of my main goals is to run my studio business and make it successful in the states and other countries. And also be able to give back to the youth, especially minorities of different colors and other countries/islands, that don't have the ability or option to learn how the arts and music can help their lives. One of my hobbies is working out and Iearning languages. I was raised old school and learned great wisdom throughout like. But that also doesn't mean you can just walk all over me or treat me like a dirty rag. Respect me and I'll return it.
Marten MAR32059
28 years
179 cm
80 kg
Bern / Switzerland
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Welcome to my Profile, , I'm just looking for Miss Perfect // Mrs. Wright,

the right and not the perfect. I like to be loyal and loyal I'm rich in college
education As an experienced consultant in the international economy continue
I love sense of humor.
I very much believe in the compatibility between two people, which gives us the comfort we felt at ease.
For me, communication, humor and sincerity are key points
I am a man complex, funny, fun, intelligent (I put said to be a complete mix)
I am very open and is in Gemini, I think they are defined by unpredictability, take the good chance to live your life qwe are gettung older enjoy life in all directions
Dan DAN1709
60 years
172 cm
71 kg
Bangor / United States of America
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Looking for my one and only. You know who you are!
Jeff JEF3609
62 years
173 cm
83 kg
Chester / United Kingdom
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Easy going character,easy to be with,funny,lovable,intelligent and interesting. Looking for attractive,good,honest,faithful and cheerful girl.

Only Interested in serious, if you want to play go elsewhere.
John JOH1839
82 years
184 cm
90 kg
Dalby / Australia
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honest man looking for a filippina that doesnot lie
i search for a partner to live and love on a farm in australia--would welcome lady with a young child because a child in the house makes it a family..
i am old but experienced in loving and caring and looking after my family. too old to cheat- will love you untill the death do us part thing........... apply here if you want a loving partner and are willing to live in australia
Paul Andre PAU1284
62 years
172 cm
60 kg
Bodo / Norway
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I am kind, understanding, accepting / respecting, honest, frank, humble, warmhearted, a god listener, open/openminded and like to talk open about everything in life - whatever it should be.
I am an easy going person and easy to talk to/with.
I love the nature and all what's in it - and love walks in the forests or mountains.
Love to go to the beaches for a swim and other fun in the sea.
I am a loving and caring person and I gladly lend you my shoulder to cry on - when needed.
For the one who wonder - even I am a white guy, I'm not a guy/man of riches and I am the type of guy who value very much the small and simple things in life.

Of interests/hobbies are many - love singing/dancing, cooking, housework, gardening, travel when I can afford, love photographing - both nature scenes, portraits and human art photo, computering/internet , electronics/services, reading/writing mails and lots more....

I hope the person I am searching here - do have some of my values/qualities and interests, that she is a girl who can feel comfortable with herself - can accept her beautiful brown-complexed skin color - - that is just SO amazing wonderful and exotic. And a girl who will dare to admit that we are only humans - - a girl who don't 'pretend' to be someone else - - or hide herself behind her make-up, cuz I don't like that.
I like the girl who dare to show up as she really are, the plane, simple, pure and wonderful filipina beauty....I do have the predilection for the slim/tiny girl. She don't need to be an athletic, but know how to take care of her physical beauty too and want to keep in shape, and also hope that the one who could imagine to get in touch, don't have a kid (kids) from before.
I hope you don't take it amiss when I tell you this.
If you're a little shy - it's just charming, but hopefully you're not conservative.
I know - that many of you filipina girls are quite mature for your age, that's the reason for my preferable age of you girl :-)

I am searching for a really good friend in here..!!

For more information:
I have been in the Phils. several times since my very first time in 1998 - and I prefer the Visayan aerias for my vacations.
I do not speak Tagalog, but I know some phrases in Visayan/Cebuano.
I love the climate, the culture and the food as well - - and I love the many beautiful white sand beaches - for a swim and other fun in the sea.

When you have been reading this - and want to get in touch, I really hope for a little more than only a 'Hi - hello, how are you.?' - cuz it dosen't tell me anything about you girl. :-)
Try to tell a little about yourself and why you are getting in touch.

Thank you for viewing my profile.!
Fat FAT2143
57 years
171 cm
109 kg
Mount Laure / United States of America
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I'm a man who loves seriously and responsible. i'm a simple person who need a person to be with in the future with love and care. I especially love long hair, dresses and high-heels :)
Ken KEN8661
56 years
182 cm
90 kg
Springfield / United States of America
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easy going, Yada, Yada, Yada Blah, Blah, Blah....
Kim KIM1908
65 years
170 cm
74 kg
Perth / Australia
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Hi My name is Kim. I work hard in my business. I am comfortable with my life but searching for someone to share my life with i have been alone long enough. I want someone to share with me honesty kindness caring and endless love and support. in return i will cherish your every second and hopefully make life feel better every day. I like camping, fishing, gardening, traveling. I have no time for scammers so please don't contact me if you are not totally serious.
Wayne WAY2863
64 years
183 cm
69 kg
Davao / United States of America
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For everyone I do not have a Philippine wife.
Tosser TOS8110
71 years
179 cm
73 kg
Ebeltoft / Denmark
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We can whrite together at okcupid - my name is Tosser