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From Laurent and Flordeliza Date: 22-Nov-2012
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Hello, we want to thanks FilipinoKisses.

Liza and me have start chat in October 2011, since that time, we spent time together each day, until we met us together for the first time.

I have planned my trip on Cyprus for met her for the feasts of the end of this year.
I am arrived on Cyprus in December 23, after two months that we meet us together on FilipinoKisses. Indeed that's a bit fast but when love guides, no one know how it can does.
We are together the first time for Christmas, the first time, i was reach her near her work place, it was the evening and with winter it was very dark.
She was wait me, she seems like an angel for me when i have saw her in the night.

The same evening, we have our first date diner, our second monthsary and our first Christmas together in the same time. That's wonderful and that is happiness for us.
In the New Year Eve we are engaged together, now we wear together our engagement ring, and we are proud of.
Soon we have planned to get marry in Cyprus, even if it's not easy, we hold on.
We stay the most happily couple together.

We wish to all here the same story. Never fall down, all of us can have a nice story.

With our best wishes.
Liza & Laurent

Hello again,

We get marry soon in two weeks, thanks to FK who allow us to start chat together, even it's more than one year ago.

We wish the same success to all of you, even it's hard and many employees of administrations are so demanding, never fall arms.

Best wishes from us, hold on and never forget that the life is good.

Thanks FK, well done.

Liza & Laurent
From LERAMIE DELAN and GEORGE Payne Date: 25-Oct-2012
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ON NOVEMBER 27, HE DECIDED TO MEET ME IN MY CITY AND THEN HE ASKED ME IF I WAS INTERESTED AND I SAID YES! SO, we met in the airport and then he decided to meet me later in the hotel on November 25. He knocked at the door 12 times and I was afraid to open the door. I was really nervous and also very excited. Actually I don't know what I felt that time......... and then when I finally decided to open it, I found that he is a very good man ..............

Then on the morning he told me that he wanted to meet all my family ........ when we arrived in my province of Luyang, Carmen, Cebu .....................He loved all about my city............He stayed here longer than planned from November 27 until January 7.............We went to the south part of Cebu and also in north part of Cebu.................

He told me to get back to school and now I am back. I attending to caregiver classes...... He helped me very much and then on my birthday he sent me a card and also a birthday gift. On March 7th he will back in my city for 2 weeks ............. and now I have lots of plans for my family.

We love we each other!
Now I am very proud to say to all the people that I got now a nice man and I will say thank for Filipinokisses to give me a nice man!
From angie and tim Date: 25-Oct-2012
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I have been reading success stories from this site way before I created an account here. Well, of course the stories are really encouraging so I created mine.

It was in late September or October of 2010 when I signed up and it took too long for me to really find one. I am very picky of the guys the talk to, I had bunch of admirers, more than a hundred count of men who added me in their contacts. Everyday I'd check my profile and read emails which I really never replied to most of them. I replied quite a few of it. After months of being in the site and didn't find what I was looking for, I figured its time for to get out cause I thought to myself that I never really have lucks in love. And to think I was broken hearted and was just moving on when I joined in from a stupid ex bf and an ex best friend of mine. It was hard so coming into this site was pretty much finding luck? or trying to move on? or seeing if I am just unlucky in love? ohh well, various of reasons!!! I figured, I waited enough, its time to get out...

Came May 19, 2011; day after my sister's birthday, it was on that day when I was doing the procedure of deleting my account but then I saw this man's profile and he just joined the site on that same day I was deleting mine. I spent a little time reading his profile and was kinda interesting so I sent him an email saying, "hey, I read your profile and its pretty interesting! Good luck with your search" NOTE: this is the first time I sent an email to a man first.
Then I proceeded with the deleting procedure again... one last button to click and my profile would have been totally gone but just a second before that, came this email, whatever. I was hesitant to go back and read it but then I did and it was from him, from the guy I just sent an email to. So, we conversed in the FK chat area/window, transfered to yahoo messenger in a little while and of course I added him to my YM account that was intented to talk to strangers and not to my personal YM account that was intented to talk mainly for my family and my real close friend who was away in London. We conversed on that whole afternoon and take not we talked from 1 in the afternoon to 8 in the evening for our first time of talking and I said to myself: WHAAAATT??? How did I talk to somebody, a total stranger for that long? I was unbelievably shocked, and amazed :) We were just talking about each other without even seeing each other on cam. He's seen me in one single photo that I sent him and so did I. I didnt ask for his cam, so did he! It was good though, it was a turn in to me because I wanted to know a person first before physical apearance. The next day I asked if he can turn his cam on cause I would like to see him, and so he did and I sent him mine. Since that day we talked hours and hours every single day. 6 in the morning I'd wake up from a phone call that would last at least 30 minutes and max of 2 hours. Then I go to work knowing at lunch I'll get a phone call and at 2 in the afternoon until in the evening I'll be in the computer, talking to this man. It was just amazing, I never have smiled that big before, I never have felt happy as much. It went on and on until we met in September 2011 at midnight in Cebu. That first night we met we barely slept. hahaha we were just happy, nervous, whatever feelings. Next day the first person in the family that he met was my uncle. I brought him to m hometown, in Ormoc City where he met my parents then the whole entire family. I am very much family oriented person and grew up with a close family ties, everything we do, we do together which meant him meeting not just my parents and sisters but also from OK aunts and uncles to STRICT ones! It amazing how they liked him. I was definitely so scared cause I know, specially my parents are people that who would say NO, then its a NO.. Glady everyone found him nice, good looking, presentable to the family and friends so everything went very well. He stayed for more than 3 weeks in the Philippines, we went to Boracay stayed for couple days, went to bohol and stayed for a week, went back to Cebu and met my relatives there who were eagerly wanting to see the man I am showing to the family, went to Manila and met my aunt too.. ohh well his first holiday was all about meeting and greeting everyone. By the time of his departure back to the US it was a hurtful moment, then a month and 2 weeks later, he came back.. ask my parents for their blessing for the plan of marriage so my dad said he felt like he was punched by Manny Pacquiao, OMG! LOL Well of course my parents said to him that their decision will depend on their daughter because its not them who is marrying him but their daughter. If their daughter says yes, then the blessing is given. We got engage few days after that, it was in November then he went back to the US, then back again in December and we got civilly married. He spent Christmas here and left before new year, got back in January 2012, then March, then April, then June for my US embassy interview, then July with his Mom and Dad for our Church Wedding. We flew to the US in August and now I am pregnant.

Yes it sounded so nice, and well it is indeed! But now, we are experiencing too much trouble and arguments which is making me fall off to the ground. Its hard and getting harder and harder each and everyday. I am never a fighter for something that I see I am losing. Everytime I want something that I cant own, I dont strive hard to have it. I accept what is supposed to be mine, and let go when I know its not for me. The only thing I can wish for now is that the troubles we are going through will end before the very final moment that I will really give up for everything.

I still thank FK for being the bridge that made us meet each other and to all other members, good luck! Just make sure that before you get married to the person you feel happy with by talking online, on the phone, and going on holidays with, make sure that you are ready for the unknowing. You will never know each other until you really live in one roof 24 hours a day, and make sure that you can adjust to the differences that comes along the way after living with each other. Every success, there are challenges that may come before or after.
Live strong FK!!!!

From Melissa and Kesri Date: 03-Sep-2012
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Hello Everybody,

First of all I would like to thanks to this site Filipino Kisses for being the instrument to find my true love along the horizon. I met my husband in this site the day after I registered. We exchanged emails for a month before he decide to meet me in Cebu. On 13th of October 2010 was our first met. We stayed in Sampaguita Hotel in Cebu for 1 week before he came back to England. In our meeting we found compatible with each other and right away we decide to get married. He came back on 12th of January 2011 and we stayed in Casa Bacobo in Manila but it was unfortunate that we didn't get married in Lapu Lapu because of some bureaucratic papers that we missed. So we hang on to it and I applied for a Fiance Visa to UK and very fortunate that we get it. I got here in UK in November 2011 and we got married here in England on the 5th of December 2011. We were so happy that we found each other and we both felt lucky and fortunate.

A month after since we got married we visit his mother in Caribbean and I was so happy that they were so kind and nice to me. They welcome me to their family and I was so honored for such wonderful words they said to me. After 6 months, July 2012 we came back again to Caribbean to get his mum and brought here in England for her holidays with us for 2 months. I felt so happy that I got a chance to visit different country other than England because of my husband. Now we are planning to visit Canada if we can get a chance but before that I have to go home first in my homeland of course Dinas, Zamboanga del Sur and Cebu City before anything else.

Now we are happily living together here in London.

So guys out there don't give up, be optimist, time will come that you there also can have the right love you are looking for.


Melissa and Kesri
From christine and louis Date: 01-Sep-2012
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Hi to all!!

I am happy to write this story! Me and Louis we start contact at April 2010, that means 8 months ago..

Yeah its been long time ago that we have been in contact and just met personally in October 16th in Manila and stay there in the Manor Hotel. It is a very nice Hotel also and we spent there for 2 days only and then we went to Cebu City and stay in Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort.

It is very nice to stay at the beach and the resort is very nice to have someone to share with. We had so much fun together with my daughter Christhel! After 5 days we went to Ozamiz City were i live.

Yeah! My Man Louis met my parents and relative and also my friends in Ozamiz .. He knows me more now and our relationship is stronger...

He is planning to marry me and I am happy to hear that... he will be backk soon here in Philippines.

Thanks a lot to FILIPINO KISSES that we had the chance to meet each other...

Thank you very much!

im so happy we get marry on sept 10 2012, my hubby Louis and me!!
soon I will move to switzerland jejeje
good luck to everybody
From and Date: 30-Aug-2012
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From Ella and Ilan Date: 21-Jun-2012
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I met my husband Mr. Ilan Lubitz here in FK Oct. 2010.
After 6 months of knowing each other in this Internet Dating
he plan o visit me last March 2011 and stay here in the Philippines
for 3 weeks and back to Israel again. July 2011 his back again and
we plan our marriages. Last December 11, 2011 on the 3rd time
his back in the Philippines and prepare our civil wedding which
happen on Jan. 30, 2012. Now were living peacefully and happy
here in Mabini-Batangas were the sea is near our place.
My husband is a sea lover's because of his hobby "Diver-Photographer".

I try to send this success story about us because at my age I was
blessed to have my good husband and stay here now for good.
He loves our way of life and shares everything to make our
relationship successful.
First to God and next to this wonderful site Filipino Kisses who makes
the way for the 2 of us. More power FK and many more hearts will be happy together especially Filipina women.
From Tom and Nene Date: 21-Jun-2012
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My name is Tom, and I am writing to say THANK YOU FILIPINO KISSES for making it possible for Nene and I to meet through your site.

In April, 2007, just before I turned 64 in July, I was living in the mountains in upstate New York, in a small town. I had been single for over 20 years, and had been happily serving the Lord, mainly doing Pro-Life work, after I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior on 2/17/1991. However, for some time before April, 2007 I had been feeling the need to find a wife.

Because my income is quite small, when I thought about looking for a wife, I decided to look in countries where my small pension would allow me to support a wife. I had used a couple of sites a little, but then, when a good friend of mine heard that I was looking for a wife, he told me about FK. When I first heard the name, I almost did not come to the site to look at it. However, my friend encouraged me, since he had been chatting with some nice ladies through FK.

So, in April I went on FK, and I posted my profile. I wish I had a copy of what I wrote, but my computer H/D since died, so I have no records from then. I did state that I was an old man, fat, had small pension, bad health, and was looking to meet my God-given wife, and that we would have to live in the Philippines, because I could not support us in the U.S. I also stressed that the woman I was looking for had to be a Christian, and that Jesus had to be the most important person in her life.

I was VERY surprised when I got several responses to my profile shortly after I posted it. Several were from quite young women, but some were from more mature women. One woman's profile stood out from the rest because I saw Jesus shining through her profile, and through what she wrote to me. The fact that she was/is beautiful/gupa was a much appreciated bonus.

Nene, real name Encarnacion, often reminds me that I kept her waiting for 5 days after she wrote to me before I answered her. I told her that I had to deal with the other mail, and to pray that I would follow the Lord's leading. Nene was a beyuda/widow when we met, and had two children. I had not planned on having children at my age, but the Lord decided I needed that.

When I first wrote to Hon, we connected very well and very fast. Using web cams, we chatted over 400 hours. I met Karen and Ian online also, and finally we decided to marry. I can not stress how important using the web cam was to us. That gave us the chance to look into each other's eyes as we talked, and to experience what it was like talking together, almost as if we were sitting across the table from one another.

Once we decided that it was God's will for us to marry, I sold the small house I owned, and said goodbye to as many of my friends in different states as I could, and flew to Manila on September 5, 2007. After spending 5 days in Manila to rest from the trip, and to obtain the needed paperwork at the Embassy, I flew to Davao, Mindanao, on 9/10, where Hon and her children- picked me up, along with her nephew, Jayjay, who became our driver for several months, until I was comfortable driving here.

From the first moment we set eyes on each other it was as if we had known each other for years, and we felt more like we had been apart for a while, and I was returning from a long trip. We got married on September 26, 2007, so, Lord willing, we will celebrate our 5th anniversary this coming September.

I know that Hon is definitely my gift from God, and I know He blesses me daily through being married to her. Perhaps I can write more some other time about what a wonderful country the Philippines is, and how great the people are. I am writing this to give encouragement to those who are fearful about using online "dating" to meet someone. We found FK to be a great site, and I would encourage people that if they do use FK, be honest, and do not be afraid to tell each other the truth, and ask the questions that are important to you.

By the way, the friend who encouraged me to use FK, was VERY surprised at how fast Nene and I had married, and he kept using FK. He now lives in the Philippines also, and is married to a lovely Filipina also.

God bless.
Tom and Nene also
From mhai and jim Date: 20-Jun-2012
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its been very happy for me to share these time with u guys for i have found the man of my life...thanks for fk for being the best way to i have my man thanks God and to fk....we were engaged and getting married soon....good luck and keep up the good work....God bless always
From Lani and Pier Date: 14-Jun-2012
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Let me share to all of you our love story. I still remember that I was broken hearted when this man name Pier send me message. We had long conversations. I told to him in details what had happened to me. I'am lucky when i hear from him that he was willing to accept everything about me. We exchange our telephone numbers and we had phone conversation. He only understand and speak little english. Everytime I send email to him, I first translate it from english to italian language for us to understand each other. As the day, weeks passes by I started to construct italian phrases. I appreciated all his effort for me to show how much he truly love me. He was the first guy that i have the courage to introduce him to my family, to my aunt, uncle, cousins and to my other relatives. We are getting married soon. I can say that I am the happiest girl in the world. Having Pier into my life is God gift to me. Me and Pier are lucky to have each other.
From JOSEPH and MERLYN Date: 01-Apr-2012
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For those of you who are afraid of long distance, internet dating, let me put your mind at ease. Yes I have run into a few bad apples, but all of the headaches went away for good in June of 2010. That's when I met the most awesome woman of the Philippines. Now she is my wonderful Wifey, and she is the greatest. Filipino Kisses is a good site, and not too expensive, a month of service costs about as much as a date, and the rewards are well worth it. My Bride and me were married on March 14, 2012 in her home of Consolacion, Cebu. We are now in the process of getting her spouse visa through the USCIS. I can't wait for the process to be over, my wife is so far away from my arms. In short, you can put your trust in Filipino Kisses. There are lots of outstanding women who are ready and willing to show how amazing they can be.
From Howard and Marietta Date: 22-Mar-2012
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THANK YOU filipinokisses!!!!!

Been married since 2009..thanks again to this site
(lOVE REALLY IS IN THE AIR)...WE are now living the
LIFE....and enjoy each other....spend half a time in
USA and half a time in the Philippines....


H and M (moubird)

From Dean and Paula Jane Date: 09-Mar-2012
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Paula and I meet on this site in early August of 2010. She was the first person I contacted and communicated with. After chatting for the first time I knew there was something incredibly different and intriguing about her that I never experienced before. Our "connection" was immediate and our communication was like no other woman in my life. However, Paula was/is much younger than me and not knowing of Filipino traditions I backed away with an aching in my heart. I did meet someone else here and pursued a relationship all way to having her fiancé visa approved. But in the end it became apparent that she was only using me for money and never intended on coming to the states to get married. Btw, she is still on this site and is using a different name. Thankfully, we kept in touch and when all was ended we picked up where we left off. The path of God cannot be controlled or even understood at times. Needless to say, we are happily married now and Paula should be with me in the states by the middle of July, 2012.
From Evelyn and Brian Date: 30-Jan-2012
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First of all I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Filipino kisses for give me chance to post my profile and all my photos. After so many admirers whose view my profile, only one man who catch my eyes and that was my boyfriend Brian Mills from Australia. After so many times of chatting and exchanging our text messaging, at last we meet each other personally and that was last August 24, 2011 . For my 10 days I stayed with him in Australia I see, that Brian is a good person, very caring and easy going person. Were enjoyed our company and I'm very happy too to spend my birthday with him as well. This coming Chinese New Year is his turn to come here Hongkong to visit me and by next year I will go back to Australia again.... thanks so much for this site Filipino Kisses!

Hello There,
I upload another photo's of my boyfriend Brian after his first visit here in Hongkong jan 22 to jan 30, 2012. were both happy for the 2nd. times we meet. all my friends was also happy and they are trying their best that someday they meet lucky partner in this site "Filipino Kisses. good luck to all and keep on searching don't give up!1

More Power to your site,
From Trevor and Josefina Date: 26-Jan-2012
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Thank you again Filipino Kisses!!!!

I am so happy now with my loving husband caring and very romantic..

God bless both of us.

Jo and Trevor
From hans-jürgen and jocelyn Date: 08-Jan-2012
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Already married , thanks to FilipinoKisses!

From Mareslie and Victor Date: 07-Dec-2011
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My husband and I would like to thank this site very much, because through this site we found each other and fell in love.

Victor and I started chatting and knowing each other in March of 2009. Eventually, we communicated 4 hours a day every day... and sometimes more! After 3 months of chatting he decided to visit me for 2 months and 1 week. On my mom's birthday, during his visit, Victor asked my mom and dad permission to marry me. He was so happy when my family accepted him as part of my family.

Victor is the most awesome person I have ever known. He such a lovable man, very affectionate, caring, and a man a women like me looks to have for the rest of 'my' life .

On February 20, 2010, we got married. We had very beautiful and intimate wedding on a beach on a Samal Island.

And now, my husband and I are happily married, and decided to share our 'success story'. :) ... to give inspiration to those who are looking for the 'right someone'; to be with you in good and bad times for the rest of your life! :) :) :)

All the BEST!!!

Victor and Mars
From JHOY and JOHN Date: 15-Nov-2011
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I would to thank you Filipinokisses because this is the only dating site that I met my British husband. I think this is my lucky dating site among the rest that I joined because it took only one hour after signing here to John send me a message and we started chatting and exchanged emails then after a month he visited me in Cebu.

He is such a nice person to be with! Although he had made contact to many ladies in chat and met in Cebu, I think I am lucky because I won his heart and he chose me among the rest that he met in Cebu. I think was our destiny.

He brought me to visit many countries! He loves to travel a lot and now we are happily living together in two countries both in Australia & England. We have a house in Australia & England.

Many thanks,
Jhoy & John
From Ron and Joan Date: 25-Oct-2011
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We first want to thanks FilipinoKisses from the bottom of our heart for a Love so strong that distance could not keep us apart.

Our Love story started in the summer of June 2009. I had heard of so many success stories that I had to give them a try. So I joined to find the Love of my Life. But I could never have imagined I would find a Love so Beautiful inside and out as my Joan. She was truly an Angel from heaven sent to me form my Lord and Saviour Jesus.

I put my Profile on FilipinoKisses and in the first week I had over 60 or more E-mails in my inbox. I started chatting to different members in many different countries. But only one touched my Heart so deeply that I knew she was the one I was to be with as Husband and Wife for the rest of our Lives - that was my Joan.

I knew from Joan's first E-Mail to me she was the one. Deep in my heart the Lord told me that is the one. I stopped all other chatting and concentrated on my Joan. We chatted on line for 11 months.Even tho we were over 4000 miles apart I loved her more and more each and every day. It was so hard to be apart from her and not be able to hold her in my arms. Even tho I had a fear of Flying - my Love for her was greater. I left on June 6, 2010 to meet her in Manila, Philippines at the Crown Plaza. I proposed to Joan on the first night in our Hotel room and we were married on June 24, 2010 at Makati City Hall. We spent 35 wonderful loving days together in Manila. I had to leave on July 10 to go back to British Columbia, Canada - and I knew the Love of my Life could not go back with me. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do - to leave my Wife - my Love - my Soul Mate behind. We cried all the time we were waiting for my Flight back to Canada.

I arrived back in Canada and started to prepare the Sponsorship package for my Immigration Lawyer to send to the Canadian Immigration in Ottawa for processing.It was put in for processing on Aug. 26, 2010 - I tried to go back to work but was dieing without my Joan. So I asked a " Leave of Absence " (without Pay) to be with her again. My Boss granted me. So happily I left to go back on Oct. 10. till the end of the year Dec. 31, 2010. We met in Manila - and went to her home of Negros Oriental. We stayed at a rented house in Dumaguete for 80 wonderful days as Husband and Wife and also visited her hometown of Jimalulud during our stay. It was getting close again for the time that I would have to leave - we were hoping and Praying the Joan could come back with me if the sponsership was completed. God's answered our prayer on Dec. 24 Chrsitmas Eve at 2 am in the morning our Lawyer phoned and told us the Sponsorship was complete - Joan could come back with me. A Christmas Present from our Lord. We went back to Manila and caught a International Flight back to Joan's new home - Canada.

We would have never met without our FilipinoKisses - we thank you and will never forget what you did for us. We Pray for a Blessing from God for your Dating site. I will tell everyone I know about our success story and FilipinoKisses.

Ron & Joan XOXO
From Dina and Ernie Date: 24-Oct-2011
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Hello Filipino Kisses.

I and my husband so thankful..we meet here last 2008 December..first see personal last March 28,2009...that was our love story begin..he come and meet me after 3 months chatting..because he work on the danger zone place(Iraq) we keep on calling and chatting after we meet...every 6 months he come here in Philippines for visited me and kids...last 2010 during his vacation again,he surprised me with a engagement ring on my 34 birthday..I was totally amaze because I did not expect he ask me to marry him...and now finally We god married last September 10,2011...we are waiting 3 years just to make it sure that we belong to each other..and we end up by getting married..and now I am so blessed by God to had such a sweet romantic husband...thank you Filipino kisses for being part of our love story..they said...
“Hope is the most exciting thing in life and if you honestly believe that love is out there, it will come. And even if it doesn't come straight away there is still that chance all through your life that it will.”...God bless FK and more power to you...Dina and Ernie

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